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Marathon Recovery and a 4 Mile Race!

It’s been one week since the San Francisco Marathon and wouldn’t you know- I’ve already run another race since then… I’m sure this comes as no surprise.  The Batesville 4 Mile Classic was the 12th race on the Arkansas Grand Prix series and it’s been on my running calendar all year.  This is my first year attempting Iron Runner (running

White River 4 Mile Classic- Lightening, Thunder and Hills- oh my!

Last year as I drove myself home after the White River 4 Mile Classic I told myself “Never again!”  I had read about the “challenging” course online but naively went into the race thinking it couldn’t be that hard.  I guess some things you just have to experience for yourself.  Hello hills and hello Arkansas humidity in August… Two variables

When HEAT meets HILLS- The White River 4 Mile Classic Road Race Report

Remember that silly New Year’s Resolution I made to run at least one road race every month this year???  Well, this goal came back to bite me big time this morning.  August was really the main month of the year I was worried about and for good reason.  Nothing good comes from racing in August.  At least not in Arkansas!