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How NOT to Train for a Marathon
How NOT to Train for a Marathon

Last year at this time I was training for the Boston Marathon.  I also had a one month old baby.  Basically from the time my son was born via c-section I had 13 weeks until the marathon.  Subtract 4 weeks for recovery and that left 9 weeks to train for a marathon.  If you are wondering if you can safely

The Stress Fracture Comeback…

I am finally in the process of coming back!! Thank you, God! Today marks 10 weeks since the fateful 5 mile treadmill run. Here’s where I am at: 1. Still taking Calcium and Vitamin D supplements. I need to make my bones strong and stay strong! 2. Still Cross Training– today was 4 miles (and 52 minutes) on the elliptical.

Walking with a side of jogging…

Last night I walked 3 miles. This is the longest I have walked so far since my stress fracture. I actually jogged a small part of it and ….. NO PAIN!! Right next to my house is a little neighborhood loop that is just over a quarter mile. I walked both straightaways and one of the curves but I jogged

Walking Test #2

PROGRESS!! Today’s workout was a fast 2 mile walk. I had to do 30 minutes of walking fast and I must admit that averaging a 15 minute mile pace is tougher than it sounds! It is a lot easier for me to run a 10 minute mile than walk a 15 minute mile! Does that make any sense? I’ve got

The Walking Test- Pt. 1

Several different stress fracture recovery websites I’ve researched mention doing a “Walking Test” before returning to running. Basically, once the stress fracture area hasn’t hurt in a few weeks you can try walking. The idea is to build up to being able to walk briskly for 60 minutes without feeling any pain. Once you can do this 3 times you

It was a good week…
It was a good week…

Our family at the Memphis Zoo This week I stepped it up a notch. Maybe it was all the excitement of registering for the Boston Marathon. Maybe it was because so many of my friends from church and the community ran in a nearby Half Marathon yesterday. Whatever the reason, I had a good week running. I ran 5 days