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Pacing a sub 20 min 5k and my next big race!

Last weekend I was able to run with one of my favorite running partners ever- my sister!  We don’t see each other very often because she lives in Connecticut so when we do get together we work in time to run and try to find a local race.  Typically we race on our own but since she came less than

Summer training, a vacation, and another really hot race!

With the Chicago Marathon just 8 weeks from Sunday, summer training is in full swing.  I have had a wide range of workouts- all in the blazing heat.  Some have gone well and others not so much.  Running and racing in warmer temps is definitely not my favorite but I know it prepares me for a stronger fall racing season

The Poconos Marathon Race Recap!

What is harder than running a sub 3 hour marathon?  Trying to do it again.   This distance has intimidated the life out of me since crossing the finish line of the 3 Bridges Marathon nearly five months ago. I had built up “the big sub 3” for so long and when it happened I was elated but after I came

Reality Check: The Quiet Valley Rooster 5K Race Report

Several months ago my sister had an idea that when my family got together for a reunion in Pennsylvania this summer we should all run a race while we were there.  Yes, we are alike in so many ways…  She found a local race for the one weekend we were all there and it was only 12 miles away.  The

The Boston Marathon- Part Two: Race Report!

Monday, April 15th was a day I experienced just about every emotion that is humanly possible.  When it began I felt the way I feel most other marathon mornings but this time it was even more special.  I was about to run the Boston Marathon and I had been dreaming of running this race for years.   The day was

Delaware and Lehigh Heritage Marathon- Race Report!

I’m HOME!!! My husband surprised me at the airport with ALL the kids.  I thought he would only have the little two with him but he checked the big two out of school at noon so they could all greet me at the Little Rock airport.  I missed them all so much but I must admit that I had an

Ready for NYC Marathon: It’s TRICKY!!

One of my FAVORITE running partners is someone I have known my entire life.  We ran side by side in our very first road race.  We ran together in high school cross country and track. Both of us on H.S. track team in 1997.  I am one year older but she has always been taller than me! We ran together