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The RRCA National One Mile Race- go! Mile Race Report- 2014

If you think the expression “digging deep” applies to solely to marathoners I would have to disagree.  I don’t think you can truly appreciate the term until you have raced ALL OUT in a ONE MILE RACE. Photo courtesy of Arkansas Outside When I first saw this picture I was tagged in on Facebook my initial thought was “Oh no-

The Little Rock Half Marathon Weekend and Race Recap- EPIC!!

The Little Rock Marathon is a special race to me.  I have participated as a spectator, relay runner, half marathoner and marathoner.  I wrote more about these memories in this post. This past fall when LRM registration opened I was contacted by Joyce Taylor, the Elite Program Coordinator of the Little Rock Marathon.  (She also happened to coordinate the Elite

The Boston Marathon- Part Two: Race Report!

Monday, April 15th was a day I experienced just about every emotion that is humanly possible.  When it began I felt the way I feel most other marathon mornings but this time it was even more special.  I was about to run the Boston Marathon and I had been dreaming of running this race for years.   The day was