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The Chicago Marathon Race Recap

The Chicago Marathon is truly one of a kind.  To sum it up in a few words- I LOVED this race!  The crowds, the course, the atmosphere- it is the full package!  I would definitely recommend it as a must run marathon. Marathon race reports are always the hardest to write because one small recap doesn’t seem to do it

The Poconos Marathon Race Recap!

What is harder than running a sub 3 hour marathon?  Trying to do it again.   This distance has intimidated the life out of me since crossing the finish line of the 3 Bridges Marathon nearly five months ago. I had built up “the big sub 3” for so long and when it happened I was elated but after I came

The 3 Bridges Marathon- Race Recap {Breaking 3!!}

The 3 Bridges Marathon will always be special to me.  It was my 10th marathon and my first time to go sub 3.  (And hopefully not my last!)  It was also the first time all my kids have seen me run in a marathon. Before I get started with the actual recap I will warn you this will be a