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The St. Jude Half Marathon- 2014 Race Recap

I’ve always loved this quote and on Saturday I rediscovered it. Going into this race I had no idea what to expect. I was full of doubt and uncertainty.  Not only was my plantar bothering me but my right hamstring was also having some kind of issue.  There were a few times I considered not racing but I told myself

What to do when your marathon is CANCELLED

In the last week I have experienced a wide range of emotions leading up to my non-marathon weekend. Maybe you know what I’m talking about… First, the excitement of it being race week.  This was it.  The race I’ve had on my calendar ALL year.  This was going to be my sub 3 race.  I knew the course, loved the

Is this it or is it Deja Vu?!

So I am planning to run in a little marathon in 3 days.  But at this point I am not 100% sure if it will happen.  The weather is looking a little rough. Apparently significant icing is in store on Friday which will play a big role in whether or not the race is still a go on Saturday.  I

Quanity vs. Quality: Trying to PR with Multiple Marathons

2012. What a year. I do not plan on racing anymore this month so in the next few weeks many of my posts will be reflecting on random running/ race stuff that happened this year as well as some of my goals for next year.  When the year began my marathon PR was a 3:35. My main marathon goal for

St. Jude Marathon Race Report- Respect the distance.

Today’s marathon taught me many things but I’d say the biggest lesson I learned was to respect the distance.  I’ve heard other runners say this but it’s never quite hit me the way it did today.  And it hit hard. Forcing my legs to continue to move during the last 2 miles was a bigger accomplishment than running the entire

And we’re off!

This will have to be a VERY brief post as I have about a million things to do before we head to Memphis.  Fortunately, it is only a 2 hour drive through farmland so it won’t be too bad.  I just wanted to post my bib number in case you wanted to track me.  Bib number # 24.  If you

It’s gonna hurt…

The marathon is such a physically demanding race but I find the mental side of it even more challenging.  In preparation for the last 10-15K I am trying to prepare myself now with as many pep talks as I can.  Having raced 26.2 miles less than 4 weeks ago this distance is fresh on my mind.  I have replayed the

4th Times the Charm…

Is it already the end of November?  I’m not sure where this month went but we are down to the last few days.  I haven’t written in over a week.  Life has been busy.  The big kids were home all last week for Thanksgiving break and I just didn’t get around to any posts.  We had a very relaxing week

Moving Forward!

This week has been a very different week than last week.  For one, I actually caught up on some much needed sleep so that was a good thing! Last week was full of high emotions, traveling, and marathoning!  I was so focused and stressed about NYC that I had to remind myself to eat.  This is not like me at