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I was supposed to be running a MARATHON right about now…

Life is unexpected and sometimes things happen that our out of our control.  This was one of those weeks.  Last Sunday I was coming off of a great training cycle.  Sure it was lower in mileage than previous training cycles (mostly averaging 55-60 mpw) but I was injury-free and I completed every workout hitting all the right training pace times. 

RnR New Orleans Half Marathon Race Report!

Last year several of my running friends ran the RnR NOLA Half Marathon and Marathon. When they asked me if I wanted to join them I was very interested because I’d heard about what a great course both races were. Believe it or not, I’d never run a Rock and Roll series yet and I thought this would be a

The Heart and Sole Half Marathon Race Report

Runners are a very determined group of people.  Sometimes to a fault.  When we have a race in our mind it is hard to deviate from the plan.  I knew before my race that I wasn’t feeling good but I wasn’t about to miss the only half marathon on my schedule all fall.  I didn’t know exactly what was wrong

In sickness and in health… LR training weeks 5 and 6!

It’s been a while.  Where to begin?! I guess I’ll start with the one person who hasn’t been sick in the past few weeks- thank you Anna! Why can’t we all be more like you! It is hard nearly impossible trying to keep everyone healthy at this time of the year. I do my best to keep things clean and

NYC Marathon Week- A little bit of everything!

It’s race week! Yes, the New York City Marathon IS still on.  At least that’s what they keep saying! They are not quite sure how everyone is getting to the starting line in Staten Island but I guess they’ll figure that one out later..  My thoughts and prayers have been with those up in the northeast.  I have family in