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The One Hour Track Run and the River Trail 15k- Pacing makes all the difference!

My first race of the year got off to a rough start. I had no desire to even write about it but I decided years ago to share all race experiences- good or bad so I guess it’s time to get around to this one! Last year I loved the One Hour Track Run. I had a great race and

River Trail 15k Race Recap- and Breaking a 3-Year PR!!

The 15k is an interesting distance to race. There’s only one around central Arkansas and it’s been around a while- the River Trail 15k. This was actually my 5th year to race it. I went in with one specific goal in mind. I really wanted to break 60 minutes. I did it in 2013 but since then I’ve had no

River Trail 15K: The 2015 Edition!

Better late than never, right?  I actually ran the RT 15k almost two weeks ago.  I am now 9 days away from the Little Rock Marathon so I figure I better get this one posted!  The 15K is a very interesting distance to race.  I only race one a year and it is this one- the River Trail 15k.  It’s

The River Trail 15K Race Report- the 2014 edition

I’m going to try to keep this brief.  Saturday was not a great racing day for me.  I know everyone has races like this every once in a while.  And yes, I know I race often so I can’t expect them all to be perfect.  I really don’t have an excuse to what was my deal.  Bottom line: I didn’t

River Trail 15K Race Report (…and the 60 minute club!!)

Wow! The 15K is a very interesting racing distance.  Love it.  I know it is not the most common of racing distances but if you ever get the chance to run one you should! Don’t let the random distance scare you.   If you recall, last year when I decided to run this race I actually googled the distance of a

The River Trail 15K- Race Report

If you would have asked me last week what I knew about a 15K I would have had to stop for a second and add up the distance in my head.  I had never even heard of a race this distance- 9.3 miles.  As mentioned in an earlier post, during my run on Monday, one of my friend’s mentioned the