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The One Hour Track Run and the River Trail 15k- Pacing makes all the difference!

My first race of the year got off to a rough start. I had no desire to even write about it but I decided years ago to share all race experiences- good or bad so I guess it’s time to get around to this one! Last year I loved the One Hour Track Run. I had a great race and

Soaring Wings Half Marathon 2016 Race Recap

Not every year is going to be a good running year and that’s the way 2011 was for me.  My sweet Ashton was born that year and I learned a lot about priorities and starting over again.  A couple months after my son was born I suffered a sacral stress fracture from trying to do too much too soon.  My

Pacing a sub 20 min 5k and my next big race!

Last weekend I was able to run with one of my favorite running partners ever- my sister!  We don’t see each other very often because she lives in Connecticut so when we do get together we work in time to run and try to find a local race.  Typically we race on our own but since she came less than

It’s gonna hurt…

The marathon is such a physically demanding race but I find the mental side of it even more challenging.  In preparation for the last 10-15K I am trying to prepare myself now with as many pep talks as I can.  Having raced 26.2 miles less than 4 weeks ago this distance is fresh on my mind.  I have replayed the

Toad Suck 5K- Race Report!

5K Season is here and I am in the thick of it! After last week’s “extra long” 5K, I was ready to race on a certified course.  I needed a good time and I knew Toad Suck would be the right course.  Yes, this is the real name of this race.  There is a festival in Conway, Arkansas every May

Switching gears: A Marathoners Unofficial Guide to Running 5K’s

After spending many months training for two marathons I find myself entering a new phase of running: It’s 5K season!  I live in the south and as the weather heats up, the race distances get shorter.  There are not that many half marathon or marathon race options but there are plenty of 5K’s! To a distance runner 5K’s can be

4 minutes

In January my main marathon goal for the year was to break 3:20.  I didn’t know when I would do it but I knew I had three chances this year and I was going to do my best to accomplish that goal.  I felt fairly confident that this was a realistic goal for me based on my times in other