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A Few Questions Answered
A Few Questions Answered

Hello there! In the last few weeks I’ve had several emails and Facebook messages with running related questions so I thought I would answer some of these here.  Most of them have been asked on more than one occasion and in the almost 5 years I’ve kept this running blog I’ve never had a post dedicated to answering questions so

A Few Thoughts on Weaning, Running, Racing and Resting
A Few Thoughts on Weaning, Running, Racing and Resting

Warning: The first paragraph contains some emotional and hormonal ranting on babies and nursing.  Feel free to skip to the next paragraph! I haven’t posted in a few days because I’ve been back in my why-can’t-my-running-be-back-to-normal funk.  I am also about 2 weeks behind in my daily Bible reading (which is the most I’ve ever been since I started doing

Time to break out the shorts!

Oh boy. The 20 mile run is done and it was a HOT one! Temps in the high 80’s and windy. I know that doesn’t sound hot compared to summer temps but when you are used to colder running weather it was quite a change. My body felt fine but I am sure glad I pulled out shorts and a

My Biggest Challenges

With my big 20 mile run just 2 days away I have been trying to prepare myself mentally and physically for what’s in store. Training for a marathon with a 9 week-old has definitely had its share of challenges. I thought I would share a few of these and also mention how I’m working through them… 1.) Lack of sleepThis

8 Under 9!

Another week of training done! What a week… The highlight run or the week was this morning. I met Kem to do 8 miles. My goal was to keep it under 9 minutes a mile and we ended up averaging 8:50! I am sore right now. I got my APB & protein smoothie and had a banana. I need to