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Peak Training Week and the Sunset Endurance Challenge

I’ve decided that Thanksgiving break and peak marathon training week make an excellent combination.  I didn’t plan it this way but it really was the best week of the year for getting in a lot of miles not to mention the abundance of delicious food!  I only worked one day (and even then it was part-time) so I had the

Running to Improve VS. Just Running

I can honestly say that I’ve considered myself a runner for about as long as I can remember.  As a young girl I would cheer for my dad on the sidelines whenever he raced and I ran my very first 5K around age 6 or 7.  Somehow I always felt like I was “part of the the club.” In eighth

Up’s and Down’s of training and Trumpeter Swans in the Natural state

Sometimes marathon training is a bit like a roller coaster.  There are definite high’s and lows.  I’ll admit, I’ve been on a bit of a high with my training the past few weeks but my long run on Friday once again reminded me that 20+ miles is a long way and I cannot take my training legs for granted. I’ve

In sickness and in health… LR training weeks 5 and 6!

It’s been a while.  Where to begin?! I guess I’ll start with the one person who hasn’t been sick in the past few weeks- thank you Anna! Why can’t we all be more like you! It is hard nearly impossible trying to keep everyone healthy at this time of the year. I do my best to keep things clean and

80 Miles?? And some Goals for 2013!

It’s been a great first week of a brand new year.  2013- I think I’m really going to like you! my BIGGEST blessings! I am still figuring out some new goals for 2013.  I am keeping a lot of my old ones but I have a few new things in mind for the new year. Here are a few non-running

Marathon Training: Mileage Matters

I have never been what I consider a high mileage distance runner.  I realize that everyone probably has a different definition of what they consider “higher mileage” but to me this involves consistently logging in over 60 miles a week.  In college I raced the 1500, 3000 or 5K distance.  I never ran more then 60 miles a week.  I

Birthdays and Mileage Issues

What a week! This past week is what we affectionately refer to as “Birthday Week” around our house.  My oldest son’s birthday is April 19th and my youngest daughter’s birthday is the 21st.  The 21st is also my mother-in-law’s birthday so it is one busy week! My son requested a coconut cream cake for his special day.  Yes, he has

Rookie Mistake

As I may have mentioned a few times since the Little Rock Marathon my right knee has been bothering me.  It’s not a sharp stop-running-this-instant-pain  but I do not usually have knee pain of any kind and this is not normal. I blamed the crazy elevation changes in the LRM.  I took off a few days and mixed in a

How NOT to Train for a Marathon

Last year at this time I was training for the Boston Marathon.  I also had a one month old baby.  Basically from the time my son was born via c-section I had 13 weeks until the marathon.  Subtract 4 weeks for recovery and that left 9 weeks to train for a marathon.  If you are wondering if you can safely

Christmas Blessings and 65!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! What a great day! We had a big breakfast, opened presents, church, lunch and time at home with our family.  I feel very blessed! This past week everyone was home so we had lots of family time together.  I also had some “extra” time to run since John was home which worked out well since it was