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27 Days

I had some questions about how I handled marathon recovery, training, and tapering in between Chicago and Wynne. If you were one of those people- this post is for you! First, don’t underestimate marathon recovery and rest! Some marathons require more rest than others. Fortunately, Chicago was a fairly easy one to recover from and I felt ready to run

It was a Wynne-Win Situation: The Midsouth Marathon Race Recap

On Saturday morning two things happened when I crossed the finish line in Wynne, Arkansas. First, I won my first marathon. Second, my marathon PR streak came to an end.  I decided I’m going to celebrate the first and not dwell on the second. Running marathons less than a month apart is tough but I gave it my best shot.

Midsouth Half Marathon Championship- Race Report

On Saturday I ran in my first half marathon since this past spring before my plantar fasciitis got way out of control.  I still have a ways to go until I am back at the race times I was running earlier in the year but I am going to celebrate the progress I’ve made the last few months. In my

5 Weeks of Half Marathons: By the Numbers

3 Half Marathons in 5 Weeks?  Why not?! Well, I could probably list several reason why not but we made it work and I have my husband to thank 100% for that! If it were not for him I would not be able to do ANY of this.  I know its been a little much so I will be toning

Two very different half’s

Soaring Wings Half Marathon 10/25/11 Midsouth Championship Half Marathon 11/05/11 Mile 1 7:01 7:15 Mile 2 7:01 7:10 Mile 3 6:57 7:12 Mile 4 7:08 7:13 Mile 5 6:59 7:14 Mile 6 7:17 7:20 Mile 7 7:20 7:18 Mile 8 7:36 7:09 Mile 9 7:33 7:17 Mile 10 7:37 7:13 Mile 11 7:35 7:13 Mile 12 7:34 7:03 Mile 13

Midsouth Championship Half Marathon: Race Report

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again… Last Saturday I ran a not so good race.  I finished feeling defeated, disappointed and to be honest I was angry.  Angry at myself.  I know I PR’d by a few seconds but I did not run a good race mentally or physically.  I knew I could do better.  I made