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Catching up on a few races…

October has been a big month of training with my usual amount racing too!  Right now I’m in a pretty solid training groove hitting between 60-70 miles a week and feeling good with a little more than 7 weeks to go until the 3 Bridges Marathon. My coach and I have had to get a little creative with some of

Micah Rine 5K Race Report 2014

Is this really the 4th year in a row I’ve raced this?  I’m a creature of habit when it comes to races… I really do love this course and hope to continue doing this race with the kids.  (All proceeds benefit the wellness program/ future girls weight room at their school.)  It was not my fastest time on this course

Wicked and a 5K!

Last week was not exactly an ideal week of marathon training.  After the infamous strep throat half marathon I took some needed time off from running.  The combination of running a half marathon and being sick really wiped me out and I was down for the count.  When I finally started to come around mid week I took it easy

Micah Rine Wildcate Legacy 5K- Race Report {AKA- My favorite 5K!}

Best. 5K. EVER. I have been looking forward to this 5K all year.  Well, really since I ran it last October.  It is my favorite kind of race course- flat and fast! When I woke up yesterday and saw that the temperature was 48 degrees and perfect I knew I was going to have a good race.  Temperature and race

Micah Rine Wildcate Legacy 5K- Race Report

What a GREAT race!! I must admit that I have found my new favorite Searcy 5K! I REALLY hope this becomes an annual event because if so- I will be back! PROS:  All proceeds went towards the Micah Rine Wellness Center- which will be at the school my children attend. Micah Rine was an HA alumni who died tragically at

October Racing Goals

Happy Friday! Two of my children are napping and two are resting so I have a few quiet minutes… I thought I would take a moment to put down some goals before my first race of the fall “season.” Saturday, October 8– Micah Rine Wildcat Legacy 5K Break 21 minutes! This is a very realistic goal. I know I can