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Coming down from a marathon high…

Setting a PR is one of the best feelings you can have in a runners world.  After many months of hard training I accomplished my goal and have no regrets…. So why am I feeling a little blah??  After Houston, I immediately had Little Rock to switch my focus and attention on.  I didn’t have much time to stop and

Tapering & Training

Exactly one week from today I am running in my 4th marathon.  That means this week is my least favorite week of all… The final taper week.  This is typically the week that I question my training, my ability, my racing strategy and my sweet tooth. (For some reason, eating any and all desserts is not as fun when you’re

The week AFTER the Marathon

It has just about been one week since my big race.  Life is starting to get back to normal.  The first two days back home were the hardest.  I went from everything revolving around running (the Olympic trials, my marathon) back to reality.  Reality involves a lot of laundry, dishes and of course, kiddos… Four to be exact!  I love

Houston Marathon Training Week 14 and meet my little climber…

My little baby turned 11 months this week and has turned into quite the little climber. He even figured out how to make it to the top bunk by himself.  We have since moved the ladder so he is not tempted.  That boy… 🙂 This week was full of school Christmas parties, too many cookies and candy and also RUNNING!

Dallas White Rock Marathon- 3:35:21

We qualified for Boston!!!