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Capital City Classic 10K- Race Report

Well here we are over a week out after the Capital City 10k and I guess it’s about time I get this race recap written. I’ve actually run another race since this one- the Doc Rock and Run Half Marathon in Jonesboro, Arkansas and you better believe I will be writing about that one too.  I’ll give you a hint-it’s

Capital City Classic 10K Race Report- {Officially} Breaking the 40 minute mark!

I went into this race with a very specific goal- to break 40 minutes.  I ran in this race two years ago (actually just a few  days before I got pregnant with Ashton). At that time I my goal was to beat my 10K PR- one I had set when I was 17 years old- 41:42.  I finished in 41:43

4 minutes

In January my main marathon goal for the year was to break 3:20.  I didn’t know when I would do it but I knew I had three chances this year and I was going to do my best to accomplish that goal.  I felt fairly confident that this was a realistic goal for me based on my times in other

Tapering & Training

Exactly one week from today I am running in my 4th marathon.  That means this week is my least favorite week of all… The final taper week.  This is typically the week that I question my training, my ability, my racing strategy and my sweet tooth. (For some reason, eating any and all desserts is not as fun when you’re

My Little Rock Marathon Training (so far)… and other random thoughts

Well, this marks my first and last “hard” week of training for the Little Rock Marathon.  Houston and Little Rock are 7 weeks apart and I am right in the middle of them now. I have only ever raced two other marathons before Houston and they were separated by ten years so having two planned 7 weeks apart is a

Hills are your friends! (Tips for running up hills…)

“Hills are your friends!” Boy, does this saying take me back… Back in the day… High School Cross Country- Fall 1996 This was one of our little team sayings back when I was on the high school cross country team.  Whenever my teammates encountered a hill we just repeated this little mantra and plowed our way up the hill. Here

Houston, we have a PROBLEM….

Well, I have a bit of an annoying race problem. As you know, I had planned on registering for the Houston Marathon. The race is January 14, 2012. (Perfect-timing for my first marathon post stress fracture.) It is a fast course which will be helpful in my quest to re-qualify for Boston. That weekend is also a big deal because

The Little Rock Half Marathon- 2011!

It’s over! 1:47:07! Post race vistory breakfast with my boys!My “training” partner and I. The prentatal running has really paid off! My family with me after the race. There’s no way I could be doing this without my wonderful husband! Here’s a post I didn’t think I would ever write. On Thursday night I decided to run the Little Rock

Little Rock Half Marathon- 1:36:45 (March 7, 2010)

Set my Half Marathon PR!

Race For the Cure 5K- 20:56