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Hot Pepper Nights 10k- 2016 edition

What would bring me back to a 10k that has the word “hot” in the name of it?  Good question!  This is actually a very organized and fun, local race in Jonesboro.  It was not on the Grand Prix schedule but it did offer some overall prize money which was just enough to lure me back.  After mentioning it to

The Heart & Sole Half Marathon 2015 Race Recap

This is it… Only five more days until the big race!  I’m working up a post specifically about my Chicago training cycle and hopefully I’ll have it finished in the next day or so. I’ve had some time to reflect on the past few months and what I’ve learned during this process.  I can’t believe it’s almost here! As you

Hot Pepper Nights 10k Race Recap

As a general rule I tend to avoid races with the words, “hot”, “fire”, or “Hell” in the name and for good reason.  Well, I broke my own rule for this one.   The Race: Hot Pepper Nights 10k Date: Saturday, August 15, 2015 Time: 6:30 pm Location: Jonesboro, AR Weather- HOT! Not the hottest race of the summer but

Doc Rock and Run Half Marathon- Race Report

This past Saturday I ran in the Doc Rock and Run Half Marathon in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  I’m pretty sure this race is going to be one I remember for a LONG time. It was a very memorable girls weekend and I will try to spare you some of the craziness.  Races do not always go as planned (or even close

The Heart and Sole Half Marathon Race Report

Runners are a very determined group of people.  Sometimes to a fault.  When we have a race in our mind it is hard to deviate from the plan.  I knew before my race that I wasn’t feeling good but I wasn’t about to miss the only half marathon on my schedule all fall.  I didn’t know exactly what was wrong

Heart & Sole Half Marathon- Race Report {the one with a shiny new PR!}

What a day! This morning’s race was the result of many answered prayers and countless hours of hard work and training.  I could not have done it without the support of my friends and family.  The Heart & Sole Half Marathon has been on my racing calendar all year long.  I knew this would be my only half marathon for