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The Heat Was Definitely On 8K

In my masters series quest one of the more obscure distance records is the 8k. I think it falls under the same category as the 12k and 20k. They are not very common these days- especially compared to the ever popular 5k, 10k, or half marathon. There used to be a popular 8k race in Little Rock (Rock Run) but

The Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon- 2016 Race Recap

In the weeks leading up to the 3 Bridges Marathon I was confident and sure that this was going to be my best marathon to date. I’d had a strong training cycle with my highest and most consistent mileage.  I was running my best workout times and my tune-up races were right where I wanted them to be.  I knew

Our very own race…
Our very own race…

This past weekend we hosted a family reunion at my house. My family has several runners so I thought it would be fitting to have a 5K. The more I thought about it I really wanted everyone to participate (including my parents and the grandchildren) so that meant shortening the event to a One Mile Fun Run. The good stuff: