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Fast Firecracker 5K- 2014 edition!

The Fast Firecracker- I love this race.  The course, the atmosphere and the fact that it’s on the 4th of July.  Did I mention it’s also very fast?! Last year was my first time to experience this race and as soon as I crossed the line I knew I would be back!  This race will always be special to me

Training for a ONE mile race…

It’s been a little over a week since my last post– when I ran a 5K 6 days after my marathon.  Yes, that was rough.  Fortunately, running is going a little better now.  I am feeling much more like myself and have quickly jumped back into training.  But not my typical marathon or half marathon training cycle.  Summer is a

Running to Improve VS. Just Running

I can honestly say that I’ve considered myself a runner for about as long as I can remember.  As a young girl I would cheer for my dad on the sidelines whenever he raced and I ran my very first 5K around age 6 or 7.  Somehow I always felt like I was “part of the the club.” In eighth

The Fast Firecracker 5K {Breaking 18!!}

The Fast Firecracker 5K is a race that is very true to its name.  For the last few years I’ve heard it was fast but on Thursday I was able to experience it for myself.  And it was awesome. I’ve been gearing up for this race as my “A Race” ever since Boston.  I knew if there was ever a

My Favorite Run of the Year and Some Final 5K Thoughts….

Can 2013 be over halfway over?  Summer is flying by and my official 5K training season is coming to a close.  It was short and sweet.  In two days is the big race and I hope I’m ready.  I’ve put in the training.  Time to put it all out there on July 4th. I am not one who traditionally races

Greetings from a non-running Runner

Well, it’s been over 2 weeks since my last run.  I have been swimming and biking like crazy.  I guess this is helping me at least feel like I’m not losing all my speed -although who am I kidding…  This week I upped the ante.  I did two brick workouts instead of one.  I also swam two miles one day

A Short Break and an 18 minute 5K…

Before I dive into my strategic plan to break 19 minutes in the 5K (for the first time in over a decade) I will bring you up to speed on my current running situation.  Yesterday after a frustrating 12 mile run I made an executive decision to take off for 2 weeks.  As you may or may not know, ever