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Experiencing Petit Jean

Warning: This post has about a million pictures…  I’ve been wanting to visit Petit Jean Mountain for years but for whatever reason we haven’t. With four active kids, John’s PhD work, and my crazy racing calendar we don’t have many free weekends. When I discovered a Saturday in October with nothing on the calendar I knew it was our chance

Family Pictures 2016

I decided to take a break from my usual running or race reports to post some of our recent family pictures.  Last month my sister-in-law and her children were visiting from out of state so we had professional pictures made.  My good friend and running buddy, Natalie is an excellent photographer and we couldn’t be more happy with how they

Little Rock Marathon- 2016!

It’s been three days since the Little Rock Marathon and I’m still feeling the love.  Thank you so much for all the messages and comments after Sunday’s race!  I really appreciate it.  It’s still very hard to believe this happened.  Ten years ago I had my first experience with the Little Rock Marathon.  I went as a spectator and a

The Best and Worst of 2014 {…30 races later!}

Yes, it’s time for my annual year of running review.  It’s really hard to sum up an entire year of running in one post but that’s what we do at the end of December, right?  I like to break down the good and the bad in one post.  Don’t worry- not every race performance is mentioned.  That would be a

Sometimes you’ve got to take the bad with the good…

2013 was a really good year in my little running world.  I felt strong and confident when I trained and when I raced.  This led to many PR’s from the mile to the marathon.  I felt like the sky was the limit. My first (and last) 17 min 5k! 7/4/13 2014 has been a rough running year for me.  It

A vacation, a race and a trip to the emergency room…

Has it really been over two weeks since my last post?! It seems like most of our summer activities have been crammed into the last few weeks and we are officially one week away from the first day of school for three of my little people. I cannot believe that in just a few days we will be back to

Reality Check: The Quiet Valley Rooster 5K Race Report

Several months ago my sister had an idea that when my family got together for a reunion in Pennsylvania this summer we should all run a race while we were there.  Yes, we are alike in so many ways…  She found a local race for the one weekend we were all there and it was only 12 miles away.  The

Have I done enough?

With 3 days until the big race I find myself mulling over this past training cycle.  It’s been almost 13 weeks since my last marathon.  That’s not exactly a lot of time but I’m hoping it was enough.  Have I put in enough miles?  Have I pushed myself?  Have I done enough long runs?  Have I put in the right

Life, Training and everything in between!

Has it really been almost 2 weeks since my last post?!!  I don’t even know where to begin.  So much going on right now (as it is for everyone) and honestly I just wanted to take a little break from blogs in general.  The big kids have been home from school since Wednesday and having four home keeps me much

And we’re off!

This will have to be a VERY brief post as I have about a million things to do before we head to Memphis.  Fortunately, it is only a 2 hour drive through farmland so it won’t be too bad.  I just wanted to post my bib number in case you wanted to track me.  Bib number # 24.  If you