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Not another half marathon! (As well as thoughts on racing, training and more…)

Sometimes we need a break.  Maybe not from running all together but from racing a certain distance.  Right now me and the half marathon distance are not on the best of terms.  In the span of 6 weeks I raced in three half marathons.  Did I overdo it?  Yes. Do I need a break?  Yes. Little Rock Half Marathon- 3/2/14-

Easter and all kinds of stuff!

First of all, Happy Easter from Arkansas!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Before I jump into some running and training stuff (Boston countdown- 15 days?!!!) I will start with some of my Easter blessings… Easter morning 2013 We actually had a few minutes to spare before church this morning (could it have had something to do with

Boston Blues? Just looking ahead

Well, I have not posted much recently and I must admit I just haven’t been in the mood.  I’ve been busy, I’ve had family in town (my sister recently had a baby!!) and I just haven’t felt inspired to write much.  I recently passed the one year anniversary (March 31, 2011) of my stress fracture and I must say that

Taking a break from all the cake!

Happy Easter!! All 4 of my babies- April 2011Last week we celebrated 3 birthdays in our family. My son turned 5 on the 19th and then on the 21st my daughter turned 3 and my mother-in-law turned one year older as well… 🙂 Rocky turns 5! Anna turns 3! It was a fun week of partying and birthdays. And lots

Spring is here and I’m LOVING it!

This picture was taken on Easter Sunday. I can’t believe we actually got one with everyone looking at the camera at the same time! The kids have really been enjoying the warmer weather. We’ve been spending more and more time outside. I have not taken them out in the double jogger yet but I’m getting closer…This weekend is the Searcy