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Minuteman Cross Country 5k

Saturday’s Grand Prix race took me way back to my former running days. Lining up in boxed lanes in a grassy field makes me feel like a high school cross country runner all over again.  A few differences this time were having my kids right behind me and I didn’t have a coach yelling out splits. I’ve only run one

Reality Check: The Quiet Valley Rooster 5K Race Report

Several months ago my sister had an idea that when my family got together for a reunion in Pennsylvania this summer we should all run a race while we were there.  Yes, we are alike in so many ways…  She found a local race for the one weekend we were all there and it was only 12 miles away.  The

The anniversary of my worst race ever…

Every November 18th I remember something special that happened….  I was a senior in college and only one thing stood between me and Thanksgiving break- the National Cross Country Championship in Pomona, California.  I had high hopes for my last cross country race.  I wanted to go out on a high note before track season in the spring.  However, I