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Experiencing Petit Jean

Warning: This post has about a million pictures…  I’ve been wanting to visit Petit Jean Mountain for years but for whatever reason we haven’t. With four active kids, John’s PhD work, and my crazy racing calendar we don’t have many free weekends. When I discovered a Saturday in October with nothing on the calendar I knew it was our chance

Why YOU Should Run in the Arkansas Grand Prix Series

If you like to run and you live in Arkansas then this post is for you.  For years I heard about something called the Grand Prix Series but I had no idea what it meant or what you had to do to be in it.  Most of the time when I heard the words “Grand Prix” my initial thoughts involved

Spa City 10K- Race Report

This is my last race report for the year! It is not the last race I ran but this one sort of fell through the cracks during my racing rampage of November and early December.  Why bother writing it at all?  To tell you the truth, I often go back through my old race reports before running them again.  It

A New 10K PR- Running With My Mini Me…

If you are reading wondering how I set a new 10K PR just 6 days after my marathon I will fill you in now… I didn’t!  It’s not my PR but I think I am enjoying it more than when I set my own this past May.  It actually belongs to my Abi and I had the privilege of running

The Fast Firecracker 5K {Breaking 18!!}

The Fast Firecracker 5K is a race that is very true to its name.  For the last few years I’ve heard it was fast but on Thursday I was able to experience it for myself.  And it was awesome. I’ve been gearing up for this race as my “A Race” ever since Boston.  I knew if there was ever a

Up’s and Down’s of training and Trumpeter Swans in the Natural state

Sometimes marathon training is a bit like a roller coaster.  There are definite high’s and lows.  I’ll admit, I’ve been on a bit of a high with my training the past few weeks but my long run on Friday once again reminded me that 20+ miles is a long way and I cannot take my training legs for granted. I’ve