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Back to Back Marathoning while trying to PR!

Happy Thanksgiving week!! I’m enjoying a week home with all the kiddos and a more relaxed schedule.  Let’s just say we had quite a few Thanksgiving/ Pilgrim & Native American events last week.   I’m very thankful for a quiet week home because I know the next few weeks leading up to Christmas are going to be busy! Hangin with

“Just” 5K Training and other stuff…

I’ve been asked several times what my running plans are now that Boston is over and I’ve often found myself saying that I’m “just working on some 5K stuff right now.”  Yes, obviously 5K training and marathon training are different but I’ve come to the realization that there is nothing “just” about it.  5K training is serious business and is

Easter and all kinds of stuff!

First of all, Happy Easter from Arkansas!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Before I jump into some running and training stuff (Boston countdown- 15 days?!!!) I will start with some of my Easter blessings… Easter morning 2013 We actually had a few minutes to spare before church this morning (could it have had something to do with

The week AFTER the marathon

As a long distance runner, the week AFTER a marathon is one of my least favorite times of the year.  The day or two after the big race are great.  I’m sore as I’ll get out but my emotions and adrenaline are still going strong from the race.  Somewhere around 3-4 days post marathon things start heading south.  I really

It’s gonna hurt…

The marathon is such a physically demanding race but I find the mental side of it even more challenging.  In preparation for the last 10-15K I am trying to prepare myself now with as many pep talks as I can.  Having raced 26.2 miles less than 4 weeks ago this distance is fresh on my mind.  I have replayed the

Moving Forward!

This week has been a very different week than last week.  For one, I actually caught up on some much needed sleep so that was a good thing! Last week was full of high emotions, traveling, and marathoning!  I was so focused and stressed about NYC that I had to remind myself to eat.  This is not like me at

BIG miles and running doubles??

Last week was my peak mileage week for NYC and it happened to be my biggest mileage week. EVER. Without wasting any time, here’s how it all went down: Sun. 10/7/12- 15 easy @ 7:45. Perfect weather and felt good considering my 5K the day before. Mon. 10/8/12- Off. My body needed a little rest after Sat.’s race and Sun.’s

Determining My Marathon Race Pace

Before running a marathon, most people have a time goal in mind.  (Especially if you have already run a marathon before at some point.) After months of hard work and training, you have a somewhat realistic idea of what time you might finish in.  I have a few friends running in the Little Rock Marathon this weekend who are running