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3 Bridges Marathon 2018

Has it already been over a month since the marathon? I thought I would write this recap at some point over the holidays but obviously never got around to it. Even though things didn’t go quite as planned I like documenting my races because there’s always things I can learn from them.  I usually learn more from races like this

3 Bridges Marathon 2017- PR’s & Pacing!

Where to begin?! It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I am a few race recaps behind. I will catch up at some point but first things first!  Two days ago I ran my 21st marathon. I went into it unlike any other marathon I’ve ever raced. I registered for 3B26 at the beginning of June. At the time

The Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon- 2016 Race Recap

In the weeks leading up to the 3 Bridges Marathon I was confident and sure that this was going to be my best marathon to date. I’d had a strong training cycle with my highest and most consistent mileage.  I was running my best workout times and my tune-up races were right where I wanted them to be.  I knew

The Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon 2015 Race Recap

It’s been a little over a week since my last race of the year and before this one gets lost in the mix of Christmas and New Years I guess I should get up some sort of a recap!  The Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon was my 14th marathon (and 3rd this year).  Typically months of dedicated training goes into

Cue the Rocky Music!
Cue the Rocky Music!

Welcome to a newer looking Arkansas Runner Mom blog. 🙂 I decided to update some pictures on the cover and thought I’d spruce up the color while I was at it.  I needed to change a few things around after the mini slump I was in. After my not so great race performance last weekend I felt like my body

The 3 Bridges Marathon- Race Recap {Breaking 3!!}
The 3 Bridges Marathon- Race Recap {Breaking 3!!}

The 3 Bridges Marathon will always be special to me.  It was my 10th marathon and my first time to go sub 3.  (And hopefully not my last!)  It was also the first time all my kids have seen me run in a marathon. Before I get started with the actual recap I will warn you this will be a