Running Pregnant

Running Pregnant

I would love to say that I ran through every pregnancy and felt great.  I would love to say that I had plenty of energy and it was no problem running through the morning sickness, discomfort with an ever growing baby inside me.  But I can’t.  Each one of my pregnancies was different and I’ve learned that you just can’t compare to yourself to other mothers.  I honestly thought that I would be just like my mom.  She had five very easy pregnancies and delivered all of us naturally without too much trouble.

My experience
With my girls, running wasn’t even an option.  I was so sick that first trimester my main goal was to keep my food down.  I was not very successful.  I had no energy.  All of my good intentions to run through my pregnancy went out the window from the get go.  By my third pregnancy, my daily goal was simply to hang on until nap time so I could sleep while the little two napped.  Once we all woke up from our naps I tried to convince myself to hang on until John got home from work.  Those were some long months…



I did not get nearly as sick with my boys so I knew early on that baby number four was a boy well before we ever had an ultrasound.  Before I got pregnant with Ashton I already had a very good running base.  Fortunately I was able to continue to exercise and I will admit it gave me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing I was still sticking with it.


My Running Pregnancy Journal…
No matter what situation you find yourself in the best advice I can give is to take care of that baby!  If you can continue to run- great.  But if you can’t- don’t beat yourself up about it.  Don’t compare yourself to other moms who are running.  If you are able to continue to run throughout your pregnancy enjoy this extra “bonding experience” you are able to share with your new baby.  Don’t worry about pace or mileage.  You will get slower and you and your baby are going to get bigger!  So relax and enjoy the ride!

The First Trimester
Week 3.5- The 17 mile run I did right before I found out I was pregnant…
Week 4.5– My last “competitive” race for a while

The Second Trimester
Week 15- Running is going strong!
Week 17– Slowing down but still hanging in there…
Week 18– Dehydration & Contractions
Week 18- The Boston Party!
Week 20- Running for Two
Week 23– Falling down on a run…
Week 26- Turning into a turtle
Week 27- Boston Registration MADNESS!
Week 28- Good Running Week

The Third Trimester
Week 29– A 7 month “tempo” run?
Week 30– A very fun 5K with my girl!
Week 30- Caught in the rain
Week 31– Slowness & side stitches
Week 31-Treadmill Time
Week 31- 19 miles is a good week
Week 32– Lacking Motivation
Week 32– Bathroom Breaks!
Week 32- Feeling Lazy- 16 Miles done.
Week 34– St. Judes Half Marathon!
Week 34- Birthday Running
Week 36- Bronchitis and a week of no running 🙁
Week 37– One mile later…
Week 37- Does walking count?
Week 37- New Year’s Resolutions
Week 37- Over 1,000 Miles!
Week 38- So long, running!
Week 39– He’s HERE!!!!

Running Pregnant? 

Below are a few tips and suggestions I would recommend for any pregnant runner.  These suggestions are based on my own personal experience.  I do not have a medical professional background. I am a mother of four and I have been running for the past 30 years.
Helpful suggestions for those running during a pregnancy (in no particular order):

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Use the restroom right before you start and be prepared to go again shortly. (Plan your running routes with bathroom stops in mind!)
  3. Adjust your running wardrobe. You will need some stretchy shorts or capris, long and loose tank tops and one or two bigger sports bras (these will also come in handy while nursing)
  4. Bring your cell phone and a small snack- I would just put these items in my Spi Belt.
  5. Watch the weather.  Normally I would run in almost ANY weather but when I was pregnant I was a lot more cautious.
  6. Run with a friend! I was very blessed to have several different friends I could call on to run with on different days.  It made the run go by so much easier and for safety reasons it was great too.
  7. Don’t worry about pace or mileage.  As weeks go by and your baby grows, you will slow down and your mileage will decrease and that is OK!
  8. Take it day by day and week by week.  There are days when it will seem so hard and you’re not motivated.  It helped me to just take it one day at a time.  Instead of counting down towards a marathon you are counting down to meet your BABY!! It doesn’t get any more exciting that that!!


I am not a doctor.  Any information provided in this blog is not intended to cure or diagnose any injury or illness.  ~ Tia Stone