October Races- a 5K and a 10K

October Races- a 5K and a 10K

Fall is finally here and after two races this month I figured this would be a good time for an update.  This month has felt much more “normal” in my training and racing. 🙌🏻 So thankful for this!  I knew going into both of my October races I wasn’t where I would like to be but it’s all about progress! This was a great way to test my fitness after 2 months of training.

The first race was October 7- the Micah Rine 5k. I was on the fence about even running this one but I have a long history with this race and it benefits my kids school.  I also thought it would give me an idea of what to expect before my 10k the following weekend so I registered for it the day before the race. My coach thought I could shoot for a 6:05-6:10 pace for this 5K. It seemed a little optimistic to me (I was figuring 6:15-6:20) but I’m glad he suggested it. I really hoped my body was ready to break 19 minutes but I knew it would require a really strong race and I wasn’t sure I was there yet.  

From the moment the gun went off I felt good and in control of my pace. This surprised me because I was fully prepared for the 5K pain train!  It got a little tough in the last mile but it was always doable and not nearly as painful as I’d predicted.  Maybe I could have pushed myself a little more?

Official Finish Time- 18:50. (avg. 6:06)
Splits: 6:07, 6:07, 6:05, last .10 at 5:35 pace

Abi also ran this race and set a big PR finishing in 21:47! She’s worked really hard in cross country this fall and I’m so proud of her!


After the race I was able to go on a long cool-down with some teammates and we previewed the Breakaway 10k race.

On October 14 I ran in the Breakaway 10K.  This is a special race to me because it’s the only Arkansas Grand Prix race in my town and it’s hosted by my running club.  I designed the course last summer and I’ve run it countless times.  It’s the course I’ve run my fastest 10k on last fall (37:51).  This summer during the thick of plantar fasciitis I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to race it this year. Obviously I knew I wasn’t going to be as fast as last year but I didn’t want that to stop me from experiencing it this year.  

My A goal going into it was to break 39 minutes and I knew that would be tough. I started just under a 6:20 pace and hoped I could pick it up as I went but temps were close to 70 and it was typical Arkansas humidity so that didn’t happen. I stayed with it and focused on keeping it under 6:20.  I could handle that. Last year when I ran a 6:02 pace the temp was 30 degrees cooler. Big difference! I just focused on what I could control and that was pacing smart. Mission accomplished. All splits within 5 seconds of each other! Talk about consistent!

Official Finish Time- 39:24
Splits: 6:19, 6:19, 6:16, 6:14, 6:17, 6:18, last 0.27 at 6:06 pace

After the race I jogged back and found Anna who had run the first 4 miles with Lori.  Lori then went on ahead and then I stayed with Anna for her final 2 miles.  Very proud of my middle two kids for running this one.  Anthony finished in 52:31 (which is a 10K PR for him) Anna finished her first 10K in 1:03:28!  They both did great!

What’s next?

I have another 10K and a half marathon coming up so between now and then I’m focusing on getting in some good training and a few long runs.  Hopefully within the next month or two I can be back to where I was this spring.  

I’ve had some big workouts and I’m anxious to see how this plays out in my November and December races.  We’ll see…


2 thoughts on “October Races- a 5K and a 10K

  1. Congrats on the races Tia! Your splits are always so solid too… you’re really good at pacing yourself and really pushed in that last mile of the 5K to be even faster than your first two. I agree, 5K is basically pain train. It’s always good to see your posts and awesome that Abi PRed at the race bc she looks so determined in the first picture of you guys! Congrats to your kids for their PRs and you on your strong races.

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