The Streak Ends Now

The Streak Ends Now

It’s been over a month since my last post and I have to admit running and I are not in a good place right now.  Over four weeks ago, after a 20 mile trail run my left foot started to feel sore and I immediately knew it was symptomatic of plantar fasciitis.  I had this dreaded injury 3 summers ago in my right foot but let it drag on way too long before getting help.  I was determined not to let it put me out as long this time so since then I did almost everything I knew to do to recover.  I’ve cut mileage back about 75% and have been cross training- mostly stationary bike but also some swimming.  I know all the stretches and what I should do to recover and I’m doing them religiously. I’ve been to physical therapy, been sleeping in my night splint, rolling it, stretching my calf, bought new shoes- you name it and I’ve done it.

I did run in two short Grand Prix races which I would not have done but my son wanted to do Iron Runner this year and I figured since they were short I would just run them without any speed work or preparation.  (Race recaps on the Arkansas Runner 2 Mile and Go! Mile coming.)  I know running in these races was not ideal and probably delayed my recovery a little.  I’ve also had to face the reality that my running streak will need to end. This is the second time I’ve had a one mile a day streak and maybe I’m just not cut out for them.  The first one was throughout high school and part of college.  I made it 5.5 years and had to stop when I was hospitalized with a severe case of mono.  This streak is not nearly as long but I still hate to see it end.  I made it to Day 308.  I was hoping to make it to a year but I am over this heel pain and my foot needs full rest. Last night I went one mile with the my middle two and our dog.  I think this is a good run to end on.  I’d like to have a strong fall racing season and it won’t happen if I don’t get the rest I need now.

It’s very easy to get depressed when I think about where I am this summer compared to last summer when I was in the thick of training for the San Francisco Marathon. If you’ve been running long enough you are going to go through a rough patch but you just have to be patient and get through it.  That’s where I am right now.  Trying to remind myself if there was any time of the year to take some time off running this is the best time.

Race recaps from the Arkansas Runner 2 Mile and Go! Mile coming soon!


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  1. Wow! I’m sure this is hard for you, but I know you know it’s a smart move! You’re an amazing runner & this period of healing will make you an even better runner. 308 sounds like a lucky number! #pausingnotending #GarminarrowwaitingonResume

  2. Hello you… I want you to get better! I know you have tried everything but I treat PF all the time… I dry needle them, I use active release technique along with other muscle stuff. I make sure we get your ankle moving right, and it usually takes 3-4 treatments. I would love to find someone help you there… or come see me in dallas!

    1. Thanks for your comment Rose. You know I’ve never tried dry needling but I am looking into it now. Not sure if my PT does it but I found one within 45 min of my house that does. 3-4 treatments would be wonderful!!! Thanks for your advice. I needed to hear that!
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  3. So sorry to read this, Tia. At first I thought you were just stopping a run streak, well okay. Plenty of people take rest days (I’m one of those people). I hate that it’s due to PF and that your training has dropped so much because of it, though. I honestly feel like “streaking” gets runners so far into the habit that sometimes they do dig themselves into holes and injuries – or sacrifice actual training – for the sake of keeping that mile-a-day streak alive.

    You are smart to take the downtime and I agree about summer being the time to do it. I told a friend tonight that while I want my last injury to be my *last injury*, I hope that if I ever deal with a hard time again it is during the summer so I can learn how to swim properly or maybe tackle a goal like that during my down time. So while it sucks, maybe you can find a way to fill that time like yoga or lifting, and I’m glad you are still cross training!

    I hope you can find some relief for your PF. I don’t have any suggestions but you seem to have pretty good care there and a strong running community, so I am sure they can recommend good practitioners if you need them.
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    1. Thanks Amy! I’ve been following your comeback journey and I know you know all about patience and rest. The streak was probably a bad idea to begin and I wish I would have stopped it a month ago when the first symptoms started. Oh well. Live and learn! Won’t be making that mistake again!
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      1. It’s okay Tia- it happens. Every time I get injured, I say things like “If only I’d stopped/started…” but really, you just never know. You could have stopped it and it might not have really helped. Or you could have taken a bunch of days off, missed training, still gotten injured, or not. If we always played it safe, we would never get any faster or run any longer or really succeed in this sport, but it’s hard to know when something IS risky. In the end, we all just have to use our best judgment and live with whatever happens. You are an awesome and inspirational athlete, and no doubt you will come back stronger from this injury.
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  4. Best advice I ever had when I pulled up at the end of a race pretty much crippled was from Joan Scarlata. She asked me, “Do you want to run when you’re my age?” Of course I replied yes. She said, “Take 5 weeks off.” Last thing I wanted to do, but exactly what I needed to do. Way to be smart, and to show the rest of us how to do the right thing. You’ll come back stronger!

  5. Sucks…and I’m right there with ya :/
    I have something with my calf, but after the injuries I’ve dealt with, I’m far more zen about the situation now. It just means it’s time for a break. You’ve been through this before, and you came back strong, so I have no doubt you’ll do exactly that again.
    Until then, we can be injury buddies. I’ll save you a seat in the PT waiting room, haha.
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  6. Tia, fellow mama runner here. Wise move. I was sidelined for a year around 2012 with two major foot surgeries. It gets tough when you can’t get up and go. But so nice to bounce back. However, this past fall I developed trochanteric bursitis, which wasn’t diagnosed until 2 MRIs. :/ The Lord knew what he was doing when he wanted me to rest. I had to rest in Him and put down what had become an idol. Finally backs feeling better, enjoying my runs and other activities like yoga, barre, etc. I still have some races to tackle, but we mamas have to take care of ourselves! Who will take care of the kids?? Lol

  7. This is so tough. It is so healthy to get your frustrations out there! I was devastated last year when that car ran over my foot. I was pregnant, and my running was going so well. I was gearing up for a couple of half marathons when the accident happened. I felt like not only was I going to lose fitness due to pregnancy, I couldn’t walk for 7 week or run for 3 months! I was so depressed. I did exactly what you are doing and did whatever I could to keep me strong in the meantime. The first day I was allowed to run again, I had the biggest happy cry. I appreciated running so much more that I had before. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. I highly recommend this release stretch; I had what was maybe PF or maybe heel fat pad syndrome, and although I was able to train through it I had foot issues for about 10 months. The “standards” (stretching, rolling on a lacrosse ball, night splint, etc.) provided temporary relief by never resolved it. I started this release move and it was fine within a week. I’ve continued it for maintenance, and if I miss a week or so (for example, on vacation with no foam roller) my foot will hurt again, and then I’ll do the release a couple of times a day for a few days and it will be fine.
    I have no affiliation with this website, by the way, but I share it all of the time since it was so helpful for me!

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