Toad Suck 10k- the 2017 edition

Toad Suck 10k- the 2017 edition

There wasn’t really any question in my mind whether or not I would run the Toad Suck 10k this year.  It was the 8th race in the Arkansas Grand Prix series so ready or not I was going to do what I could.  Once again my older two joined me so we left for Conway a little after 6 am Saturday morning.

My first experience with the Toad Suck races in Conway, AR was back in 2010 when I ran the 5k.  This was back when I hated 10k’s and would always pick the 5k option.  I won the 5k that year in 20:04.  (The 10k has a more competitive racing field.)  This race was right around the time I found out I was pregnant with baby #4. I ran the 5k again in 2012 (19:19) and decided I’d give the 10k a shot in 2013.  It turned out to be a big breakthrough race for me and I finished in 38:41. (2013 was just a good running year for me in general.  Oh to be 34 again!)  In 2014 I was gunning for sub 38 but couldn’t quite make it. I ran a 38:08 which would be my 10k PR for the next 2.5 years. (Finally went sub 38 in November, 2017.) In 2015 I ran 38:44 and in 2016 Toad Suck was not on the Grand Prix schedule.

My main goal for 2017 was to go sub 38. I knew the course was flat, weather would be decent and I hoped I was recovered enough from Boston (3 weeks prior) to pull it off.



Mile 1- 6:07. I was hoping for just under 6:10 so this was right on target.  I hoped this would be my slowest mile.  (It wasn’t.)

Mile 2- 6:07. Still on track and I was running with a good pack but it wasn’t feeling easy by any means.

Mile 3- 6:09.  Trying to stay in the mile but I was already working for it.

Mile 4- 6:16. This was the toughest mile. The only major incline of the race was in this mile, as well as a random dirt path connecting the trail with a road. I was determined not to let this send me in a downward spiral but it took a lot of will power.

Mile 5- 6:09.  I was counting down laps on the track in my head and focused on keeping it sub 6:10.

Mile 6- 6:10.  Holding on and ready to be done!

Mile 6.13- 5:29 average pace around the track. – (Race measured short on my watch)

Official Finish Time- 37:38 (1st Female OA).


Technically this would be a new 10k PR for me and although course was recently certified it did measure short on my watch so I have a hard time counting it.  I know we did run under a tunnel, off road, and around a track so maybe these things affected GPS??

As soon as I finished I started my jog back for the kids.  I saw Abi looking strong.  She ended up finishing in 46:44 (PR by a few seconds) and placed 2nd in her AG.


I jogged in to the finish with Anthony.  He ran a big PR by several minutes and finished in 50:45 (4th in his AG).  Our ladies finished 1, 2, 3, & 4th so we were able to win the overall women’s team division as well. Go Searcy Rush!






On Monday the race website posted race pictures so when I went to pull them up I noticed the links to other race years were posted.  Then I got sucked into a black hole of past race pics… Running is definitely a journey!


Until next time Toad Suck…

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  1. I love to look back at races I’ve run before and compare results and pictures. I ran the Rock N Roll New Orleans race six years in a row, and eight altogether – I ran the half the last year it was a local race (the Mardi Gras Marathon) before it sold to Competitor Group. It was my first race besides a few goofy fun runs. I went from no running to long runs of 5,7, then 10 miles – on the fourth week I ran the race! After that I’ve run either the half or full every year except the year I had surgery in December – the year you ran it. I find it’s a good progress benchmark, and thanks to really generous registration discounts, I keep going back!
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