Valentine’s Day 5k 2017 Race Recap

Valentine’s Day 5k 2017 Race Recap

I started to write this recap over a week ago but got sidetracked so here we go… Better late than never!

Race: Valentine’s Day 5k

Date: Saturday, February 11, 2017

Location: Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, AR

I was a little more prepared this year for this one.  If you recall I ran this race in crazy race mom mode last year. J was out of town so I drove 4 kids there by myself.  A friend watched Ashton during the 5k and my older 3 and I ran.  Needless to say I was a bit frazzled from taking kids to the bathroom, putting everyone’s timing chip on, and making sure they were layered up for the freezing race weather that morning.  I don’t think I even got in a full mile warm-up.

This year J was with us and he took full control of the kids so I could focus on the race.  Last year temps were in the 20-30’s.  This year it was upper 60’s and humid.  I was just thankful it was a 5k race instead of something longer.

My main goal for this 5k was to try to negative split it.  This 5k fell at the end of peak mileage training week so my legs were pretty tired going into it.  Marathon training doesn’t always mesh with 5k racing so expectations weren’t very high. After a 2 mile warm-up and strides it was time to line up.

Mile 1- 5:55.  Feeling ok.  It was a really fast start for everyone so I thought this would be conservative enough.

Mile 2- 5:53.  Really feeling tired and had to work hard for this negative split.

Mile 3- 6:17.  Legs felt like I had huge weights on them. The last half mile was moving in slow motion and my overall average pace was getting higher.  The end could not come soon enough.

Mile 3.10- 5:07 avg. I thought I heard someone say “Go Ladies!” so I assumed there must be another female right on my tail.  I sprinted all out with a kick that came out of no where.  There actually was no female right behind me but it did get me out of my slow mile 3 funk so I’ll take it!

Official Finish Time: 18:32 (2nd female OA).  Official Results can be found here. Not the strong negative split race I wanted but it is what it is.  I managed to stay on track through mile 2 but lost it after that.  Given my mileage and workouts for peak week I’m not going to be too hard on myself.  I’m glad I at least pulled it together for the last .10!

As soon as I finished I started jogging back to find the kids.  I saw Abi looking strong.  She actually set a new 5k PR with 23:00.

Then Rocky finished in 25:01.

I ran about a half a mile with Anna who went through the finish in 29:44.

The kids did great.  This is actually a very simple, spectator-friendly course.  It’s basically 2 loops through campus.  My only suggestion would be to have a few more volunteers at some intersections near dorms and the race route.

This was the first race we brought our new puppy to and she did very well.I see many more races in her future!

Next up- my recap of Run the Line Half Marathon!



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  1. Congratulations on a speedy race! Sounds like a fun time for everyone, and even though you didn’t negative split, it sounds like you put out a really solid effort.

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