Family Pictures 2016

Family Pictures 2016

I decided to take a break from my usual running or race reports to post some of our recent family pictures.  Last month my sister-in-law and her children were visiting from out of state so we had professional pictures made.  My good friend and running buddy, Natalie is an excellent photographer and we couldn’t be more happy with how they all turned out!  This was the first time to have all the grandchildren photographed together so it was very special. She also took different group and individual shots.

* All pictures- Natalie Ragsdale Photography




There are so many more but this is just a glimpse. Thank you Natalie!!!


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  1. Natalie, great pictures. Lot of people there. Would love to see you. I was on Facebook for awhile and thought I could catch you there. Terri sent me the picture after your running at the Marathon. I am so proud of you. Been showing your picture all over Texas. Love you very much.

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