Training, Missing a Race Start, and Trying to “Do It All.”

Training, Missing a Race Start, and Trying to “Do It All.”

Thanks for the many sweet comments after my interview last week. I was extremely honored (and nervous) about being interviewed by THV 11 out of Little Rock for Global Running Day.  The kids LOVED being a part of it.

For anyone who missed it the link to my interview can be found here. 

I had no idea what the tag line for the story was going to be until I saw it while it aired, “Marathon Mom Proves You Can Have It All.”  Honestly, this is how I feel most days…

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There are definitely times I have it more together than others but I never feel like it’s all under control. I started working outside the home about two years ago (after being home full-time with kids for 10 years) and things went from being “manageably busy” to “I’ll just do what I can.”  My husband and kids help out more with chores around the house and we limit the number of activities/ sports the kids are involved in.  Still, the laundry is never ending and there is always a house project I could be doing but I’ve accepted that is the stage of life I’m in right now. I work in a great environment and love my coworkers but my favorite part of my job is that the hours are flexible and it’s part-time. (I coordinate professional development for teachers in Arkansas and Oklahoma.) It’s a good fit and works for our family.

It’s June and it’s just starting to sink in that I am running a marathon next month!! It feels good to get into a training groove again- first time since February. My March and April marathons really took it out of me. I just went on my longest run of this training cycle this past Saturday- 19 miles. It was in the 70’s and crazy humid but I felt surprisingly good. My last 7 miles all averaged marathon pace and I felt like I could have run a couple more.  Great way to end a long run!

I’m about to shake things up in my training with a 2 mile race this weekend and a 1 mile race next weekend. I have no idea what to expect- just trying to psych myself up for an all out sprint! Both races are in the Arkansas Grand Prix series. Anyone else running one of them?

It’s been over a month since my last race. I tried to race two weeks ago but something happened that’s never happened to me- I missed the start! I guess with my knack for cutting it close it was only a matter of time. My friend Trish and I left her house a little late. We got lost and at the time of the actual race start we were somewhere in the Ouachita forest driving on service roads.

It was a trail race that we were both doing as a training run anyway so we just started when we finally got there (45 minutes later) and did our own race distance. Of course when I got home the kids wanted to know if I’d won… Not even close! I did get in a crazy hilly 17 mile run (which left me sore for 5 days) so that was good.

One last life update: J and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary last week. It’s hard to believe we’ve been married that long but it’s true. : ). I’m so thankful that God brought him into my life.  It’s been an eventful 15 years and I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey with him. We spent our anniversary shopping and went to our favorite restaurant in Little Rock. We’ve never done a big anniversary trip before but to celebrate 15 we’re going to San Francisco next month. We were married right outside SF so this will be extra special!

Thanks again for the messages after the interview! It means so much to me! ❤️

25 thoughts on “Training, Missing a Race Start, and Trying to “Do It All.”

  1. I missed the start is the Hogeye half last year! I got there in plenty of time, but I thought it started at 8:00 instead of 7:30. I started about 10 minutes late, and passed people the entire race. It was an interesting one for sure! It was kind of fun to be constantly passing people, but I was having to yell out to friends to explain myself the whole race.
    Good luck in your marathon!

    1. Yikes!! That course is hard enough as it is without trying to pass the entire time! I’m sure that made for a very memorable experience. Lol! Everyone kept looking at me crazy when I was running out at the end of Catsmacker because the leaders for the 21 miler were heading back the opposite direction. Oh well! Maybe I’ll get to run the real race next year. 🙂
      Tia recently posted…Training, Missing a Race Start, and Trying to “Do It All.”My Profile

  2. I love this post and how it was like little life updates. It’s so awesome that you work, raise kids, and run some super fast races- even if you feel like you’re never caught up, I think that is something EVERYONE experiences. But you’ve got it together pretty well to juggle all of that.

    My friend and I almost missed a start once because we were warming up and got lost! We ended up running a 3.1 mile warmup for a 5K. Then the 5K was short so our warmup was actually the longest part of the run, haha. We did make it with a minute to spare, fortunately. I didn’t care much either way but would have felt like crap if she’d missed it!
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Race the Landing #3: A Taste of Italy (22:34)My Profile

      1. Se där ja, annars brukar jag inte veta vad något heter. Men just det visste jag. Det var kul. Var i Borås i somras med en kollega och gick på djpkuarren och lite så. Var fotbolls hulliganer där samtidigt. Vi bodde på Scandic.

      2. – Wow, you really caught some adorable action shots of the kids at this one! Do you use a second shooter to get those balcony shots or did you decide to shoot from up there on your own at this wedding? I really dig that shot of the flower girls through the balcony decor.

  3. Missed the interview,Tia. But I don’t think the link is in your post. At least I couldn’t find anything to click on. Maybe you can check on it?

  4. Thanks Tia…it worked once I got on my computer…I was trying to access it from my phone and it would not open. Watched it now though.
    Great piece !

  5. I have never missed a start but before every race I have a dream about having to find a porta potty and then missing the start because it takes so long! Thank you for your honesty in “doing it all.” As a mom of two who works outside the home, trains for marathons and a bunch of other things, I too have a list of things not done.
    Congratulations on 15 years! We love the bay area.

  6. Tia, I LOVED the interview!!! I know I keep repeating the same thing, but you’re so inspirational. And your kids are the cutest 😉 PS: the intro before the interview made me want to take a trip to Arkansas. It looks so beautiful!
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