The BEST and WORST of 2015

The BEST and WORST of 2015

Happy New Year!! So long 2015!

At the end of each year I like to reflect on the year- the highs and lows. 2015 has had a couple PR’s and it’s also been injury free.  After battling an injury most of 2014, I’ve tried to remember to be grateful for good health. Every time I step down and my heel is pain free it’s a good thing! I’ve been able to do some training with friends and my kids have joined me in some of my races. All in all a good year!


By the Numbers:

Miles Run: 2,560

Races: 32 (yes, this is my new record…oops!)  As always, 5k’s are my most raced distance but half marathons put up a pretty good fight!

  • Marathons- 3
  • 25k- 1
  • Half Marathons- 6
  • 20k- 1
  • 15k- 1
  • 10k- 5
  • 8k- 1
  • 4 mile- 1
  • 5k- 9
  • 2 mile- 2
  • 1 mile- 2

New PR’s in 2015:

Most Fun/ New Race Experience: Full Moon 25k. Never done anything like this before and despite running in 90+ degree temps I had such a great time!  Could I be a trail runner at heart?!


Worst Race Experience: This is a tough one. I’d have to say it’s a tie between the Portfest 5k (so bad I never even wrote a race report) or the CASA Half Marathon. I really love the courses for both of these races but I completely let weather and pressure get the best of me both times.


Most Impromptu/ Low Key: Definitely my last race of the year- the Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon. No pressure- it was great!


Most Stressful: Go Mile (1 mile race). My husband got sick and my oldest was out of town with grandparents so it was “just” my younger 3 and I. We were all in different race heats and trying to juggle 3 kids (among hundreds of people) and racing my most intimidating distance ever did not mesh well that day.


Best New Race: Russ Vegas Half Marathon. I was very impressed with this race and will be back!


Best I Felt: It’s a tie: Ark Classic 5k. Muggy day but once I started running everything just clicked.  Love races like this! Also, the first 20 miles of the Chicago Marathon were amazing!! It felt so effortless. Cruising around a 6:30 pace until 20 when suddenly it didn’t feel amazing anymore- more like slow and certain death.

Ark Classic 5k- 17:59
Chicago Marathon- 2:58:25

Worst I Felt: Little Rock Marathon. Ended up pulling out of the race about 18 hours before the start due to an awful sinus infection. I had my heart and mind set on racing but my body had other plans.

3-22-15iphone 073
Left the expo and and went to urgent care instead!

Best Support Crew: Midsouth Marathon. Seeing J and the kiddos several times during this race made my day. First marathon win and very memorable day thanks to my family.

Right after the Midsouth Marathon

When you line up on a starting line 32 times in one year there’s a pretty good chance that some races are not going to go as well as you’d like.  I put myself out there 32 times this year and each time gave it my best shot.  I learned from each experience- the good and the bad and I’m going to keep on trying!


What were some of your racing highs and lows from 2015?

Happy 2016!!


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