Month: September 2015

The Arkansas 20k- there’s a first time for everything!

Last Saturday I made my way to Benton, Arkansas for the 34th annual Arkansas 20k. Exactly how far is a 20k? It’s 12.4 miles… or in my case 12.5 if you don’t run the tangents just right!  Since it’s one of the longer races on the Grand Prix schedule I was doing this one solo without the kids.  I made

Ark Classic 5k Race Recap and  Breaking 18 minutes?!

I NEVER went into the Ark Classic 5k thinking I might break 18 minutes. It wasn’t even on my radar. Last month I couldn’t even break 19 (although I’d like to blame 90 degrees and tired legs) so I did not have high expectations just four weeks later. Since this was a shorter distance Grand Prix race not too far

The Wildcat Road Mile- Race Recap

Racing an all out mile is by far the most intimidating distance to me.  For the last three years I have raced the mile once each summer. My time has gone from 5:17 in 2013 to 5:20 in 2014 and then even slower this year with a 5:31.  For whatever reason I was a little off this June at GoMile