The Batesville 4 Mile Classic- Breaking 25 minutes!

The Batesville 4 Mile Classic- Breaking 25 minutes!

It’s been a while since I’ve set a true PR and I really did not expect it to happen last Saturday at the Batesville 4 Mile Classic.  Originally I wasn’t planning on running it this year because we thought we’d leave for Orange Beach early that morning but it’s a championship Grand Prix Race and what more can I say… Since check-in wasn’t until late afternoon at the condo we decided to leave for our family vacation right after the race which is exactly what we did!

This race is hosted by the White River Roadrunners and has been around a while. I’ve run it twice before and actually won it in 2013.   It’s very organized and well run. Pre-registration was just $15 for me and $10 for the kids.  The 4 Mile Classic is always the first Saturday in August and hot weather and hills are two things you can count on.  This year we actually got pretty lucky as temps were in the low 70’s!  


We got to Batesville around 6:50 so we had about 40 minutes to check-in, use restrooms and then I was going to warm-up.  I have learned to never gauge a race by my warm-up because it changes. This particular race morning I felt very slow, heavy, and nervous. I looked down at my warm-up pace and it was hovering just under a 9-minute pace. Yikes!  In 2013 I ran a 25:06 on this course. I just didn’t know if I was going to beat that. 2013 was a great running year for me with PR’s in every distance.  After my battle with plantar fasciitis in 2014 I often find myself comparing my times to those in 2013.

The Race

The first mile of the 4 Mile Classic is by far the fastest. It has a lot of downhill.  I knew it was going to be my fastest mile (and it needed to be).  Miles 2 and 4 have the most uphill.  

For whatever reason this course did not seem as hard as it was the first two times I ran it.  I never switched gears into total race survival mode which has been the norm for this race and me. Race survival mode is basically when pace gets thrown out the window and just finishing becomes the only goal.  I was able to stay focused each mile until the very end but even then it wasn’t too off.  

Mile 1- 5:45 (goal pace was 5:50-6:00)

Mile 2- 6:19 (goal pace was 6:10-6:20)

Mile 3- 6:10 (goal pace was 6:00-6:10)

Mile 4- 6:28 (goal pace was 6:10-6:20)

Official Time- 24:52 for 4.02 (6:10 avg.)/ 3rd female OA.  Official Results can be found here.  Overall I was so happy that I finally broke 25 minutes! Did I actually just beat a PR I set in 2013?! I was thrilled!

 As soon as I finished I grabbed some water and headed back with Natalie and Kelli (two teammates) to cooldown. I was also going to find Abi and Anthony. 

It was a tough race for Abi who has not done a lot of running this summer. She also had just spent the week leading up to the race at camp where she had been hiking and doing a lot of other non-running outdoor activities.  She still ran well and was able to finish right at 35:00.  

After passing Abi I jogged back to find my son who was right around the 3.5 mile marker.  He was just about to go up the steepest hill in the race so we did it together.  He was very motivated when I told him I didn’t see any other boys his age in front of him. 

I love his little wave to John at the start!

almost to the finish line!
He finished in 38:36!
Sure enough it turned out he won his age group and he was THRILLED! (He has placed a few times in his AG but hasn’t won outright many so this made his day.) We hadn’t planned on staying for awards but since he won we wanted to wait and I’m so glad we did.  I was also able to squeeze in several more cool-down miles with Natalie and Kelli while we waited which was nice. 
1st. place in Boys 0-9 AG

Abi placed 2nd in her AG. So proud of both of these kids!
Searcy Rush! Another win for our ladies team
As soon as we got our awards we headed home for showers and to load the van!  My sweet John drove over 10 hours Saturday if you count driving to and from the race and then our trip to Orange Beach.   
Road Trip!!
 I will probably post a recap of training with vacation pics in a few days. We also ran a little vacation 5k so maybe I’ll throw that in there. (Spoiler alert: running a 5k in 90 degrees is just plain rough! But I did have fun doing it with my family.)

Hope you are surviving the summer heat! For those of you running Chicago- 9 MORE WEEKS!!


12 thoughts on “The Batesville 4 Mile Classic- Breaking 25 minutes!

  1. Unfortunately I’ve had to run a few 5Ks in 90 degree temps and yes, it is brutal. It sounds like this 4 mile race was great and it’s so funny how in the summer, running in 70 degree temps is a treat! Congrats on your new PR and also on the kids placing in their age groups too. I like how you did pace ranges for each mile and that might be something I need to try for my upcoming 5Ks when I know how the course will be. I’ve thought about calculating splits but I like the range in case one mile is a little off or something, it wouldn’t get me down I’d just know to adjust. Can’t wait to read about your vacation and vacation 5K!
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Friday Five: A Day in the LifeMy Profile

  2. i just wanted to say how much I love reading your family race reports. It’s so great to see your whole family enjoying running. I wish I could get my son to run (he’s 20 and basically thinks running sucks), but since he doesn’t, I do Girls on the Run to run with the kiddos. I love seeing the smiles on your kids’ faces. Congrats on their (and your) wins!
    Judith recently posted…It Really Is Like Riding a BicycleMy Profile

  3. Congrats on the PR! That was a great race! And congrats to Abi and Anthony!! Super fun. Hope the vacation was nice and that the rest of your Chicago training goes great! 🙂

  4. I’m so excited for you, Tia! I’d completely forgotten how tough that course is; I think if it as “selective memory” because when I have a good race day I seem to block out the tough parts – ha! I was able to follow (I couldn’t catch her!) Abi to the finish (I think I finished about 8 seconds behind her) and she was looking so strong; such a tough gal! Hope you had a wonderful vacation and way to go!!
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