Month: August 2015

Hot Pepper Nights 10k Race Recap

As a general rule I tend to avoid races with the words, “hot”, “fire”, or “Hell” in the name and for good reason.  Well, I broke my own rule for this one.   The Race: Hot Pepper Nights 10k Date: Saturday, August 15, 2015 Time: 6:30 pm Location: Jonesboro, AR Weather- HOT! Not the hottest race of the summer but

Summer training, a vacation, and another really hot race!
Summer training, a vacation, and another really hot race!

With the Chicago Marathon just 8 weeks from Sunday, summer training is in full swing.  I have had a wide range of workouts- all in the blazing heat.  Some have gone well and others not so much.  Running and racing in warmer temps is definitely not my favorite but I know it prepares me for a stronger fall racing season

The Batesville 4 Mile Classic- Breaking 25 minutes!

It’s been a while since I’ve set a true PR and I really did not expect it to happen last Saturday at the Batesville 4 Mile Classic.  Originally I wasn’t planning on running it this year because we thought we’d leave for Orange Beach early that morning but it’s a championship Grand Prix Race and what more can I say…

The Full Moon 25K Race Recap

Where to begin?! Certain races stick out in my mind for different reasons and this is one I think I will remember for a long time!  It was completely out of my racing comfort zone (figuratively and literally) but I know it’s races like this that help you grow as a runner. I should probably preface this report by stating