Arkansas Runner 2 Mile Race Report 2015

Arkansas Runner 2 Mile Race Report 2015

On Saturday our family made the drive down to Benton, Arkansas for a 2-mile race.  This is another one of those rarely raced distances but that’s one of the things I like about the Arkansas Grand Prix series. There’s plenty of variety and it’s always a bonus when my kids can participate.  I actually registered three of our four kids for this one and it was Anna’s first Grand Prix race.

The Arkansas Runner 2 Mile definitely wins the award for being the most family friendly/ economical race I’ve ever been a part of and you know that’s saying something since I race A LOT.  For all kids 19 & under registration was FREE if they were pre-registered by a certain date.  Adult pre-registration was $7.50.  Yes, you read that correctly- $7.50.  This included t-shirts for all of us! So if you’re doing the math, I spent a whopping $7.50 for 4 race registrations (and t-shirts).  I didn’t know race deals like this even existed so thank you Arkansas Runner!


Once again we had an early Saturday morning start.  We needed to leave our house by 5:15-5:30 which meant having everything ready the night before.  The kids went to bed in their race clothes and we had shoes and socks in a bag in the van.  We made it to Benton around 6:45 which left enough time to get our packets and use the restrooms.  John attached all the kids shoe chips while I warmed up about 2 miles.

Even with a 7:30 am start time temps were in the 70’s and it was warm.  But it is what it is and I just reminded myself that it was only 2 miles.  I hoped I could stick to my pacing plan for two miles.

This is the one distance that I have yet to beat my high school/ college time.  I’ve been able to beat my one mile and my old 5k time but there is something about this distance.  Who knew that 11:38 I ran when I was 18 would be so hard to beat?!  In my defense you can’t really beat a record if you never race it and last year was my first attempt in 17 years.  My A goal was to beat 11:38.  I really didn’t have another goal.

Start of Arkansas Runner 2 Mile- Photo courtesy of Marvin Fisher
Start of Arkansas Runner 2 Mile- (Photo courtesy of Marvin Fisher)

The Race

As you can imagine the start of a 2-mile race is pretty fast. I tend to start on the conservative side so I really pushed to keep pace in my goal range of mid 5:40’s.

Mile 1- 5:46. A little more aggressive for me but I was hoping I could hold on.  I couldn’t…

Mile 2- 5:59.  Way off pace. In the last quarter mile three guys blitzed past me.

Official Finish Time- 11:50 (3rd Female OA)

Results can be found here.

John snapped this picture around the half mile marker
Sprinting it in to the finish

Post Race

Right when I finished I grabbed a water bottle and then I turned around to find the kids.  First I saw Abi.  She was having a tough race.  I think the heat got to her.  She actually averaged a little slower pace for this 2 mile race than the 10k she ran last month.

16:11 for my Abi (4th in AG)

I cheered her on but kept running back.  I knew John would be there to greet her when she finished. The next one I spotted was Anthony.  He had a little over a quarter mile to go.  I waved to him and told him he was almost done.  Then I told him I was going back to find Anna.

19:41 for Anthony and 3rd in AG

When I spotted Anna she was just about to reach the 1.5 mile sign.  We jogged a little bit and then she wanted to take a walking break so we did for about 20 feet.  Then she was ready to jog the rest.  When she saw the finish line she took off sprinting!

Photo courtesy of Marvin Fisher
Photo courtesy of Marvin Fisher
23:17 for Anna and 4th in her AG

After my jog in with Anna I ran another mile with some of my teammates. Then it was time for some awards.  Our ladies team pulled in another overall win which was great!  I should also mention that this race gave awards 5 deep in some age group categories which was really nice for the kids!

Kaitlyn (2nd OA), me, Natalie (1st in AG & 5th OA), and Kem (1st Masters & 4th OA)
Love the unique awards!
Our entire running club who ran the Arkansas Runner 2 Mile- minus Ashton. His balloon was tied to Anna’s.
With my little runners
Didn’t want to leave out Ashton.
One more picture with my runners. These are the race shirts. $7.50 for all of this?!!

So what’s next? How about a speedy little 1 Mile Race?!! On Saturday is the Go! Mile race in Little Rock.  I’m honored and thankful I was asked to participate in the Go! Mile Elite Athlete program again this year.  This is the RRCA National One Mile Championship so no doubt there will be some incredibly talented runners from all over the country there.  I’m trying to gear up my body and mind for an ALL OUT SPRINT!




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  1. Congratulations on your race and placing overall! I love that your whole family did it and it was so cheap and free for kids. Good call for you to all run and to prepare the night before, though. The races in Arkansas seem like really fun events and family-friendly and we don’t have as many of those here (not that ours are family “unfriendly”, just that they all charge the same price, etc). That is the best race award I have seen- is it hand painted?
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