Month: June 2015

Go! Mile 2015 Race Report

This past weekend I ran in what I can honestly say is my most intimidating race of the year.  Yes, it’s only one mile but it’s ONE MILE!  Was I ready for it? Not quite.  I think I was more ready physically than mentally. The week got off to a rough start with the stomach bug which hit myself and

Arkansas Runner 2 Mile Race Report 2015

On Saturday our family made the drive down to Benton, Arkansas for a 2-mile race.  This is another one of those rarely raced distances but that’s one of the things I like about the Arkansas Grand Prix series. There’s plenty of variety and it’s always a bonus when my kids can participate.  I actually registered three of our four kids

Easter Seals Rock Run 8K- My first PR of the Year!

It’s been a while since the I’ve had the letters PR in a race report!  I should probably mention that I’ve never raced an 8k before so does it really even count?  I say it does! You might be wondering exactly how far is an 8k… It’s 4.97 miles which of course translated to an even 5 on my watch.