The Spring Fling 5k Race Recap and Breaking 19 Minutes… again!

The Spring Fling 5k Race Recap and Breaking 19 Minutes… again!

Coming back from an injury can take a while and it’s hard not to get a little discouraged during the comeback phase.  For the last several months I’ve been comparing myself to where I was last year before the plantar fasciitis started.  My foot has felt good for a while now but my confidence in my ability has not been there.  On Saturday I got some of that confidence back and I must say it was good! I actually met my “A” goal so I was thrilled! 

I had not broken 19 minutes in a 5K since the Fast Firecracker in July (over 8 months ago) so that was my main goal going into this race.  My coach thought 18:30-18:45 was realistic for me but I honestly didn’t know if I was ready.  Based on my last two races the McMillan pace calculator had me in the low 19’s.  I reminded myself that 5k’s are MY race and I was ready. 

The Race: Cabot Spring Fling 5K (RRCA State Championship 5K)
Date: Saturday, March 21, 2015
Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Cabot, AR

This was my third year to run in the Cabot Spring Fling 5K.  There was a great family race registration deal ($50 for 4 entries) so John and I decided to sign up our crew.  Then my daughter wanted to invite her best friend since she was going to be spending Friday night at our house.  I checked with her mom who was fine with it so we also registered her. 

Several other runners from my local running club were there which was great!  I ran a 1.5 mile warm-up and some strides with my friend Natalie and then it was time to line up.  My goal was to run right around a 6 minute pace and hopefully break 19 minutes!

Photo courtesy of Arkansas RRCA
Mile 1- 5:59.  This race always seems to have a fast start.  The other two years I have run it mile one has been in the 5:40’s.  I went out slower because I knew anything remotely close to the 5:40’s would be way too fast and I needed to save something for the last mile.  By the half mile I had moved into the position of 2nd female.  My sister Tessa lives near the race and she brought her two little girls out to cheer right near the first mile marker.  
coming up on mile 1
How cute is my little niece?!
Mile 2- 5:56.  I was still feeling strong so I pushed myself to keep going while I was feeling this good.  I started gaining on the lead female runner by 1.5 miles and I caught up to her right before the two mile marker.  

Mile 3- 6:09.  I knew I was slowing down.  This mile is tough because it has the most elevation gain.  I just told myself to hold on- I didn’t want to get passed in the last few minutes!

Mile 3.11- 0:38 (5:39 avg).  I love finishing around the track!  When I rounded the corner I could see the finish line and the clock.  I was going to make it!

Official Time- 18:41. (6:02 avg)/ 1st Female.  Official results can be found here.

I stayed around the finish area for a few minutes to see some team members finish but then I turned back to find Abi.  I knew she’d be coming through soon.

Abi actually ran her fastest 5k ever in 24:36!  Then I found my son and Abi’s best friend.  They were doing great! I ran with them their last half mile.  My son finished in 29:59 which is his first time to break 30 minutes.  My daughters best friend finished just 2 seconds later.

So proud of these kids!!

My husband snapped this great picture of the male winner, one of our newest club members.  Dan ran a 15:26 for the win.  He also won the Germantown Half Marathon I ran in last weekend.  (He ran a 1:08 there.)

The awards ceremony had a huge breakfast/ lunch buffet and was located in the indoor gym. 

Top 3 Overall Women

With my friends Beverly and Kem

These girls did GREAT!!
Final Post Race Thoughts:
This is a great race and I hope to be back again next year!  A few things I love about this race: 
  • The price is right and it’s very family friendly.  $50 for a family of 4.  Yes! This included a tech shirt for each person.  
  • I like that they give finishers medals to ALL the kids.  (And there were A LOT of kids who ran this race.)
  • Good course.  It’s not the easiest 5k course (some rolling hills) but it’s very doable and I’ve always managed to have a good race.  
  • It’s part of the Arkansas Grand Prix series so it’s very organized and well run.  The Cabot Cruisers do a great job with this race!

So hopefully the 19’s are gone for good! This race was a huge break through for me- mentally more than anything.  I needed to know I could do this and now I’m excited to see what’s in store!

Any other spring fling 5k runners out there?

When was the last time you had a running break through?

23 thoughts on “The Spring Fling 5k Race Recap and Breaking 19 Minutes… again!

    1. Thanks Gracie! Seeing my niece was definitely the highlight of the 5K. How could I not wave and call out to her even if my quads were on fire?! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes! Grand Prix offers pretty good deals in general but a few races offer this which makes it even better! We will be back for sure!

  1. Congratulations to you on sub-19 and for your whole family and your daughter’s friend for running. It seems like you’re doing really well after your battle with PF awhile back, it is so great to see you posting race recaps with such great times too. Encouraging to everyone who is dealing with an injury or setback!

    This race was such a great deal- I can’t believe all of you got to run for that price. I love that the races in your area offer things like that so they can get a lot of kids to run and families can do them together. Plus it is awesome that all the kids got a medal for running the 5K.

    1. Thank you Amy! I try not to mention it all the time (even though I probably do). It just lasted forever and I never imagined it would suck up a year of my training. Anyhow, glad to be on this side of it now. I appreciate your kind words!

  2. I love this post! I completely get it too: sometimes you just need that one race to boost your confidence and regain your mental edge. I too was encouraged by last Saturday’s Spring Fling. The fact that I felt so bad pre-race, yet managed to run consistent splits without the aid of a watch and I really didn’t feel bad during the race, I just didn’t have the strength for those splits to be 10-15 seconds faster which was my A plan. I feel confident I’ll break that 22 barrier next 5K!

    For grins I went back and checked the year I won the Spring Fling and my time was 40 seconds slower that last Saturday’s. I remember it being a big confidence booster back then and I went on to win some other races with much faster times that spring before PF brought me down for the rest of the year!

    It was really great to see that confidence and excitement on your face Saturday! I believe it reconfirms your decision to sit out of the LR Marathon as a very wise one!

    1. Thanks Beverly!! That means a lot to me. You were such a good friend to me that day at the expo when I was losing my mind!! I will never forget that! πŸ™‚

  3. I love that they offer a discount for family registration, Tia; so nice for you all and great that you were able to bring Abi’s friend, as well! I saw SO many families together, which is really a great sight; love seeing parents getting active with their kids. I’m so glad you had such a great run, felt good, and got a great confidence boost by getting under that 19 minute mark again; what a great day! Thanks for sharing all of your pics and congratulations to all of you on a speedy 5K! Looking forward to seeing you at Capital City!

  4. Congratulations. It’s good to hear that it’s all getting back on track for you. Even better to hear that your confidence is returning.

  5. AWESOME! I am always so impressed with how speedy you are!! Fantastic time – you didn’t just break 19, you were WELL UNDER 19 minutes!! Fantastic job! Glad that the race helped boost your mental state too – sometimes we need a race like that to remind us that yes, the speed is still there! Good things are ahead for you – I can feel it!

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