Why #Run1?

Why #Run1?

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Last December I spent the last few days of the year taking a much needed break from running after finishing a big marathon.  My legs and my mind needed a rest but I couldn’t rest long.  The first of the year was calling.  There’s just something about running on January 1st… It’s a new beginning and no matter how great or bad the previous year was it offers a chance to start fresh.  Ready or not I wanted to get my year started with a run.

I knew my first run back would be easy.  I just wanted to enjoy the moment and be thankful that I was able to run.  I decided to ask my oldest daughter if she wanted to run with me.  Abi joined me for a cold but beautiful run around the neighborhood.

January 1, 2014

A few weeks ago while I was reflecting on how my running has gone this year many things came to mind: a lot of racing, many lessons learned, my long bout with plantar fasciitis, and even a few new PR’s.  But it all started with one run on January 1st.  Thinking back to my first run of the year I shared with my daughter put a smile on my face and it seemed bigger than everything else.

#Run1 is a combination of two things: family & fitness.  We are encouraging everyone to spend time with their family and commit to running or walking one mile together on January 1st.  There is no fee for this virtual run.  You don’t need to register or raise money for anything.  Our main goal is to promote kids being active and healthy and who better than to teach them this than their parents?

We would love for everyone who participates to tag a picture of you with your runners on social media with #Run1 or #RunwithMeKids.  We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  The Run with Me Kids community will vote on a winning photo and the winner will receive a new pair of running shoes for their child!  The winner will be announced on 1/15/15.

Hope to see you out there on 1/1/15!  It’s going to be a great day to #Run1!

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  1. I got to run with one of my kids over the holiday break and it was great. It doesn’t matter that he’s 27 – he’s still my kid and running with him will always be a special, fun experience. But this time was even more fun because I beat him around the mountain. Seeing how much he was cheesed off with being beaten by his 51 year old mum was great!

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