The Best and Worst of 2014 {…30 races later!}

The Best and Worst of 2014 {…30 races later!}

Yes, it’s time for my annual year of running review.  It’s really hard to sum up an entire year of running in one post but that’s what we do at the end of December, right?  I like to break down the good and the bad in one post.  Don’t worry- not every race performance is mentioned.  That would be a really long post.  While much of the year was dominated by plantar fasciitis I still managed to get in an alarmingly high number of races.  Yes, this actually may have helped contribute to this pesky injury and why it lasted so long!

By the Numbers:

Total Miles Run: 2,228

Most miles in one month? 281 (April)

Least miles in one month? 72 (July)

Total Miles Biked: 582

Total Number of Races: 30

Number of races one or more of my kids ran in as well: 14
Most raced event? 5K with 12 total (all time high)

Most races in one month? 6 (March)

States raced in: 4 (Arkansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee)
PR’s set: 3 (10k, 20k, Marathon)
Number of double headers (2 races on same day): 2
Number of Marathons:
The Best and the Worst:
Best Race Performance-  Capital City Classic 10k in April
I ran a smart, strong, consistent race. And yes, maybe I’m biased because this is my favorite race in Arkansas. 
Worst Race Performance-  Arkansas 20k in September

The hills and heat combined with being extremely out of racing shape led to a very rough last 5k.  The end of this 12.4 mile race felt like I was trying to finish a marathon.
Most Fun Racing- Bison Invitational 5k in March  
my kids watching me… at a college track meet!
This race was like stepping into a time machine.  A college racing time machine.  I loved it!
Most Painful- Fast Firecracker 5K in July
every. step. hurt.

This race was the low point for my plantar fasciitis.  I knew as I limped away from the finish line that I needed some solid rest to heal my foot!

Best Teamwork- Women Run Arkansas 5k in May

I loved this Mother-Daughter race with Abi!
Worst Teamwork- Wildcat Mile in August
Running and parenting have their challenges too.  This one mile race I did with Abi was one of those times.  Lots of lessons learned from this one.
Best Race Finish- Arkansas Race for the Cure in October

I think I had the best kick of my life and was not about to get passed at the finish!
Best Finish Honorable MentionLittle Rock Half Marathon in March

I had another female right behind me the entire race and I knew it.  It was very exhausting mentally and physically but I picked it up the last mile and finished 10 seconds ahead of her and was able to place in the top three.  (Top 3 = a little prize $$)

Worst Race Finish- Poconos Marathon in May
The girl that passed me at the end is on the far left!
I loved many things about this race but getting passed at mile 26 was not one of them.  The top 3 finishers won prize money and I finished 4th.  We were all within seconds of each other!  After racing for almost 3 hours it was crazy how it all came down to the very end when I had nothing left.

Worst Finish Honorable Mention- River Trail 15K in February

Smiling on the outside but kicking myself on the inside

I missed going sub 60 (and the 60 minute club) by 5 seconds!

Best Race Picture- Capital City Classic Kids Dash in April

It doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Worst Race Picture- Go Mile National RRCA 1 Mile Championship in June

Oh, the pain of racing all out for one mile!

First Birthday Race Ever- Great Duck 10K in Stuttgart, AR (November 29)

I’ve always wanted to run a race on my birthday and this year it happened!  Winning a gold watch was a very nice birthday bonus too!
Worst Injury: This year’s worst injury was Plantar Fasciitis

This summer and fall there was a lot of resting, rehabbing and re-training.  While it’s not 100% gone it’s MUCH better than it was.  I actually have runs when it doesn’t bother me at all and I don’t even think about it!

Lots of biking and swimming in the summer of 2014
I used the Alter-g treadmill at physical therapy several times as well
Proud physical therapy graduate in September!
Best Running Friends
I’ve also made some new running friends this year… I am very thankful for these ladies!

Ok, I’ve been running with this group of ladies for a few few years but I’m still very thankful for them!!

Best Support:
My family, particularly my husband, is my rock.  They support, encourage, motivate, and believe in me.  I know I pushed the envelope with 30 races this year and I’m thankful that my husband was on board.  He came to many of my races and we often made it a family thing.

That’s a wrap!  Looking forward to 2015.
Happy New Year and thanks for reading this mom’s blog from Arkansas! 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Best and Worst of 2014 {…30 races later!}

  1. You won’t have to worry about me running you down in the Capitol City Classic as I think I dislike that race as much as you like it!
    Your parenting reference in the Wildcat Mile made me chuckle and remember a 2 mile race the summer of 2007 when I had to quit being Mama and turn into Coach and get into a 12 yr old boy’s head! Lol I made him so mad that he took off and left me in his dust! It was hard to do, but he quit walking and whining, ran and PR, won an AG award, and thanked me later!
    Your most fun race at the Bison Invitational was probably my most fun vicarious experience! I wished I had stayed to watch the track meet! Just the thought I testing my abilities one more time around that track is super exciting! Glad you had that opportunity.
    Finally, my best race picture was at the Go! Mile Finish! Just something about those short races that gets me fire up!
    Tia, I have loved following you this year. You have been such an inspiration! Wishing you an injury 2015 and healthy and happiness to you and your family!

    1. Thanks Beverly! It’s good to know I’m not alone in the mom turned coach race scenario! You did great at go mile! I hope we run into each other at several races in 2015!

    1. Thanks Christine! I really appreciate that. PF definitely rocked my world and the recovery is SLOW as Christmas but I’m thankful that it’s much better than it was this summer!

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