Breakaway 10K 2014- His First 10k!

Breakaway 10K 2014- His First 10k!

This is by far the most belated race report I have ever posted.  I thought about summarizing this race recap in another post but it just wouldn’t do it justice.  This was my husband and my oldest son’s first 10k and running 6.2 miles at any age is a big deal and should be acknowledged!

Race- The Breakaway 10K
Date- Saturday, November 15, 2014 @ 8:00 am
Location- Race started and ended in front of Harding Academy in Searcy

When my eight-year-old son asked me if he could run in the 10k I actually said, “No, why don’t you wait until you’re 10.”  I just thought it might be too long for him and I didn’t want him to have a bad experience.  Up until this point he had run several 5k’s but nothing longer than that. 

The Breakaway 10K is actually the final race of a local fall racing series.  The first in the Legacy series is the Wildcat Mile, the second is the Micah Rine 5k and the third and final race is the Breakaway 10k.  While I registered my daughter and myself I checked the series cup standings.  It turned out that my son was the only boy in the 9 and under age division who had participated in both races.  If he just completed the 10k he would win his age division for the entire Legacy Cup series.  He could run or walk- no pressure!  Winning his age group would mean A LOT to him.  He has not placed in many races but has often watched others place- including his older sister.  I knew that to him winning an AG award was well worth finishing the 10k.  I talked it over with my husband who was going to run it with him.  Then I registered both of them.

Saturday, race morning it was COLD.  It was about 28 degrees and the coldest race I have run to date! My parents were in town so they kept my younger ones at home.  I only got in about a mile warm-up because we left the house a little late.  We were all bundled up and ready to run!

My running ninjas!

The Plan
This race was definitely a family event, as are most local races.  My son and John were running together, my daughter was running with my sister and brother-in-law and I was running by myself.  (Last year I ran this one with Abi but decided to use it as a good training run this year.)

My daughter had a basketball game later in the morning and her team was leaving the school (where the race started and finished) at 9:15. That meant she had one hour and fifteen minutes to finish the race before the team left.  I think one of my favorite racing quotes ever was when she told me her racing plan. “I have no choice but to PR,” she said.  Maybe I should have that mentality sometimes!

My pacing plan was to run between 6:15-6:25 with my A goal averaging around 6:15.  Since this was actually my first 10k since May and I didn’t know if that was too optimistic.  I had a hard time believing in May I had averaged a 6:05 on my watch.  That seemed like a lifetime ago!

The Race
Mi 1- 6:21.  I hoped for a sub 6:20 average as my A goal but that pace never felt that easy or doable.  Running in the 6:20’s was all I could manage.

Mi 2- 6:21.  I passed the second place runner at this point.  First place was ahead but too far ahead to follow and there were a lot of turns.

Mi 3- 6:17.  Feeling stronger but wondering if I had 3 more good miles in me.

Mi 4- 6:23.  I started to go straight at one point when apparently I was supposed to turn.  There wasn’t a sign and the volunteer forgot.  When they realized I’d gone the wrong way they yelled after me so I turned around and tried to pick up my pace to make up for a few lost seconds.  (The volunteer felt terrible and actually found me after the race to apologize. By then I was completely over it. Still, it was a nice gesture.)

Mi 5- 6:33.  I actually stopped for about 10 seconds during this mile because there was one part where I didn’t know if I was supposed to turn right or go straight.  There was no one in front or behind me and the volunteer was pretty far away.  I just ran to the volunteer who told me to keep going.  My only suggestion for this race would be to have more signs or volunteers.  There were A LOT of turns and in some cases a simple sign with an arrow would have really helped.

Mi 6- 6:24.  Just trying to finish.  I knew the way to go the last mile which helped.

Mile 6.08- 5:47 avg. Yes, race measured a little short.  I figured it would since it did last year.  I may have had a little too much kick left but I was determined to get in under 39 minutes when I saw the clock.

Official Time: 38:57. Race results can be found here. (Garmin avg. was a 6:23.)
1st female, 2nd overall.  Still a ways off from my goal 10k time but you have to start somewhere! This was a great workout to help me get it back.

After getting some water I turned around to find Abi.  By the time I got to her she had less than a mile to go and was on track for her best time.  She ended up finishing in 52:49. Her splits (according to my brother-in-law’s watch): 8:17, 8:34, 8:41, 8:43, 9:09, 8:29.

Then it was time for her to switch gears and get ready for her basketball game!

Racing and then basketball in one morning!

My husband and son finished much sooner than I expected! I thought they were going to walk/ run it but apparently my son had other plans! He only wanted to walk through the water stations and he ran progressively faster each mile.  They finished in 1:05:30!

These two made a great team!

Within a few minutes it was time for my daughter to leave for her game and my husband followed the team bus.  I waited around at awards with my sister and son.  When they announced my son as the overall 0-9 age group winner for the series he was so happy!  He had worked hard for that 10K and I’m so glad he was able to win his very own prize!

So proud of my big boy!!
Another race with my sister!

When it comes to kids and racing there isn’t always a right or wrong answer.  This race reminded me how strong my children are and how much I can learn from them.  I’m so glad my son wanted to run it and that he had such a positive racing experience.

Coming soon… One more 10K report! 

Do you use races to get back in race shape?

What is your child’s main motivation to race?

6 thoughts on “Breakaway 10K 2014- His First 10k!

  1. I’m so glad your son did the race and won his age group for the series! That’s an excellent first 10K time too :). And so awesome your daughter ran then played basketball, but they get it from you and your speediness and dedication. Looks like he really enjoyed the race and his medal too, he definitely earned it.

    Even if your 10K wasn’t your fastest, it was still pretty good coming off the injury and with so many other things going on that day and having to think during the race (not knowing which direction to go and also having the volunteer steer you the wrong way at that one point). Plus an OA win is an OA win regardless- congratulations :).

  2. Wow, great race! Great time and great finish! I love that you always include your family in your reports. I love it when my family gets to be part of one of my running events, and I love reading about other families doing the same. It seems like your really getting the speed back and I’ll bet 2015 is a great year for you! Great report, and Happy New Year!

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