Around the House

Around the House

It’s ironic how so much can change in one short year.  Last December I was in the best racing condition of my life.  I ran my fastest half and was getting ready for my first sub-3 hour marathon.  It’s hard not to compare that to where I am now.  I know I shouldn’t.  I am grateful to be running again but I have to admit that this week has been hard.  Since Saturday’s 10k my plantar fasciitis has flared up a little so I’ve been taking it easy this week.  I’ve cut my mileage in half and have added a few days of biking into the mix.  I am two days away from running the St. Jude Half Marathon. I really don’t know what to expect on Saturday morning.  I would like it to be better than the Midsouth Half Marathon I ran five weeks ago but who knows.  I’m sure this has everything to do with me going a little race crazy the past few weeks.  I think I just need a couple of days off which I will take after Saturday’s race.

Fortunately, there is a lot going on between holiday parties, Christmas shopping, cooking and my kids schedules so I’m not really missing my higher mileage running weeks.  One thing we did last week that I loved was setting up our first race tree.

The Tree
I saw this on Facebook a few years ago and loved the idea.  My in-laws gave us their old Christmas tree this year since they just bought a new one.  We put up our usual family tree in the living room and we put this one in our front office room.  It’s funny because you know the nostalgic feelings you get when you put up certain ornaments each year?  Well, you get the same feelings when you hang up a race medal.  At least I do! Immediately your mind goes back to that specific race and you remember what you went through and how hard you worked for that medal.  John was proud contribute a medal he had been saving in his drawer from a half marathon he did a few years ago.  My kids also contributed some medals from races they had run this year.  The racing tree is definitely a new Christmas tradition for our family.

The Baking
Yes, it wouldn’t be that time of year without all the goodies… The day before Thanksgiving kicks off our holiday baking every year.

Delicious Banana Bread- always sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top before you bake.  Makes the best crust!
Chocolate pecan pie

Making Red Velvet Cake Balls

The Gingerbread House
Several years ago I started buying a gingerbread house kit at WalMart and it has become a little holiday tradition.  Last year we did a gingerbread AND a chocolate one (which was really good!) but I haven’t seen the chocolate one out yet.  This year we bought a gingerbread Christmas village set.  Smaller and tinier pieces to put together- not my favorite but the girls enjoyed it.  As you can see Ashton enjoyed snacking on it too.

He was just too cute to crop out of this picture!

The Kids
This time of the year is a lot of fun with little ones.  Mine are all old enough now that they know what is going on but they are not too old for Santa.  My oldest is 10 and is the only one in on the behind the scenes holiday stuff.  She helps me with Elfin, our Elf on the Shelf.  Abi loves to hide it for me at night when the others go to bed- or early in the morning if I forget to move it at night!

“Riding ponies” in the living room

Tis the season for Christmas parties…
This time of the year gets pretty busy with food, friends and parties! We have a few big ones coming up but this week was the kick-off with my Bunko Christmas party.  Someone had the great idea to have a scarf exchange instead of our usual ornament exchange.  Loved it!

A Christmas Scarf Exchange

My youngest daughter was invited to a Christmas painting party this week.  She had the best time and I loved the picture she brought home.  She has it hanging proudly in her bedroom.

my little artist
Santa came to visit too!
The finished painting!

So there you have it…  More to come, along with two 10k race reports (if I ever get around to finishing them) and hopefully a good half marathon experience on Saturday!

I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy this time of year with your friends and loved ones!!

7 thoughts on “Around the House

  1. A scarf exchange sounds like a really brilliant idea! I will have to remember that one. This Christmas will be absolutely packed thanks to my surgery scheduled smack in the middle of the season. I’m trying to fit parties and events around it (preferably before it!).

    1. Thanks Char! Yes, after my race Saturday I gave my medal to my 3-year-old to hang on the tree. Of course he chose the lowest branch so the medal is touching the ground. Too cute!

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