The Well Done Run 5K

The Well Done Run 5K

A few months ago I heard about a new race that was going to take place in my town called the Well Done Run.  The entire concept of the race intrigued me because I’d never heard of anything like it.  The race website describes it this way, “Think of it as a 5K with baggage. Runner/Walkers will be given a 1-gallon jug at the beginning of the race. At the halfway mark, the participants will fill their water jug in a creek and carry it for the last half of the race. You can’t start without a jug and you’re not officially finished without one either. This is to shed light on the sad truth that millions of people around the world live without access to clean water. We can’t help them all, but we can build one well at a time.”  All the proceeds from this race went towards building a well for a village in Honduras. 

When I mentioned this 5k to my kids my oldest son was very interested.  I thought this could be the kind of learning experience that he might remember in the years to come.  The night before the race we watched this short video to explain why they were having this race.  I will admit my son actually got a little scared.  When he saw the boy walking carrying a big jug down a dirt path he thought he was going to be running where that boy was carrying the same big jug.  I had to explain that is what some kids in other parts of the world do every day just to get water for their family to drink.

This race started at 9:30 Saturday morning which was perfect! I was able to meet Natalie early to get in a long run and then had plenty of time to go went home to get Anthony ready for the 5k.  We got to the race right around 9 am to check-in, get registered and get his milk jug.

Before the race there was a prayer and a few race reminders.  This was definitely a family event.  There were a lot of young families with children and strollers.

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Weaver & Well Done Run Facebook

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Weaver &Well Done Run Facebook

The Race
Mile 1- 9:40. My son took off holding onto his jug.  I knew this would be the fastest mile since his jug was empty and he wouldn’t have to stop to fill it yet.  Along the path were scriptures and facts about clean drinking water.

Mi 2- 13:53.  Half way through this mile we stopped for a few minutes so he could fill his jug.  He also got some clean water to drink.  I’ve stopped at many drink stations in races during my life and I’ve never thought twice about being thankful that the water was clean. I’m always too concerned about my pace and the time I’m “wasting” getting something to drink.  My son had no time concerns.  He stopped and drank as much as he wanted.  Then he filled his jug in the tub that had been pumped full of water from the nearby creek along the trail.  It was muddy and dirty and a complete contrast to the clean drinking water next to it at the water station.  Just another reminder of how blessed we are.

Mile 3-12:57.  It took a little longer coming back from the water station.  My son was determined to carry his water jug on his own.  We stopped a few times for a few seconds and then we’d start back up again.

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Weaver & Well Done Run Facebook

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Weaver & Well Done Run Facebook

Finish- 38:18.

Post Race Thoughts: What an experience this was! It was so different from any race I have ever seen.  I hope this becomes an annual event because we will be back and bring the rest of the family next time.  The race was very organized and the all the volunteers did an excellent job keeping the race centered around its purpose.  My oldest daughter was near the finish line cheering and she said her favorite part of the race was that everyone told the finishers, “Well done!”  Since this was the “Well Done Run 5k” she thought it made it even more special.

I’m so proud of my son for wanting to do this race.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for him I don’t know that I would have even gone.  I hate to admit it but I tend to get so competitive and into racing that “fun runs” aren’t even on my radar.  This wasn’t that kind of fun run.  It had a purpose and a message.  I went into it thinking my son would learn from the experience but I think I learned even more in the process.  I’m pretty sure that the next time I grab a cup of water from a race volunteer my mind will go back to the muddy creek water and I will remember to be thankful for the little things like clean water.

For more information on the Living Water International Ministry click here.

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  1. Oh Tia, this is really really cool! Such a meaningful race! Fitness, awareness, family, community…the whole deal. Really happy you and your son got to do this! This is definitely an issue to get behind…nobody should be without clean drinking water and most of us grow up knowing nothing other than clean drinking water and being able to get as much of it as we want. I hope more communities get behind this kind of 5k!

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