Micah Rine 5K Race Report 2014

Micah Rine 5K Race Report 2014

Is this really the 4th year in a row I’ve raced this?  I’m a creature of habit when it comes to races… I really do love this course and hope to continue doing this race with the kids.  (All proceeds benefit the wellness program/ future girls weight room at their school.)  It was not my fastest time on this course but at least it wasn’t my slowest… ๐Ÿ™‚

Going into this race I had run the Arkansas Race for the Cure one week earlier so I had an idea where my 5k speed was.  I’m really glad I had run RFTC because otherwise I would really have had no idea how to pace it!

There were pretty bad storms all the night before and the morning of the race so there was actually a 30 minute race delay.  We left our house a little later than we should have so even with the late start I was pushing it trying to get our packets and the kids bib numbers on in time.  (My older two kids were also running it.) I only had time to get in a mile warm-up.

I’m in the black on the right w/ white visor

Race goals:
My main goal was to run faster than I did the week before!  I hoped to aim for 6:10 avg.  Getting back into racing shape right now is a slow process.  Baby steps!

The race:
Mi 1- 6:05.  I went out at a little too fast. At the 1/2 mi I was averaging a 5:49 which would have been perfect for a 5k I raced before my injury but way too fast for me right now.

Mi 2- 6:19.  A little slow! A lot of turns in this mile and I guess I lost focus.

Mi 3- 6:17.  I was encouraged that I picked it up (even by just 2 seconds) and didn’t get slower.  My 3rd mile at RFTC was much slower so this was an improvement.

Mile 3.10- 0:34 (5:51 pace)

final kick

Total: 19:17 (3 OA/ 1st female)

Once I finished I jogged back to find the kids.  I cheered Abi on and then jogged back to find my son.  We ran the last half mile in together.  He was pointing out the colors of leaves and squirrels.  I love when I get to experience a race from his perspective.

Then I ran a little cool down with Beverly and Jackie who also raced. 

Great race and happy to support it every year.  If you live in central Arkansas it is one to consider on your fall racing calendar.

What’s next?
I find myself in unknown territory.  Typically every year my fall schedule is jam packed full of 5k’s, half marathons and a marathon or two.  Not this year.  I am hoping to be closer to half marathon racing shape by December but I have a long way to go (speed-wise).  I am probably going to race a 5k and a 10k in November.  Both races are right by my house and my oldest wants to run them too. One of the big things I’ve learned during this whole plantar fasciitis ordeal is that there’s no rushing the comeback.  My foot does best on easy runs (which right now ranges between a 7-8 minute pace).  I’m still not doing any track interval work and I’m running just 4 days per week.  I have added back to back running days now.  So far so good!  My foot is responding well to the modified training program and I’m finally starting to feel like I will get past this injury. 

I have no idea when I will start adding in interval speed work type training.  I’m scared to even think about it because I don’t want any set-backs!  I guess I’ll just know when it’s the right time.  For now I’m sticking with this!

14 thoughts on “Micah Rine 5K Race Report 2014

  1. Great job Tia and congratulations on your overall female win :). I know how it feels to go out too fast and yeah, it’s always hard testing the waters post-injury. I’m not really fast but I was out for 7 weeks and after the injury, your body isn’t the only thing hurt, it hurts your confidence in running fast in things like speedwork or races. It’s awesome that you went back and found the kids and experienced the race from your son’s perspective and looking at the leaves. I love going back on the course and finding my friends (and sometimes random people) and cheering them on :).

    1. Yes, going back after a race is my favorite part! ๐Ÿ™‚ How are you running these days? I need to get back on DM. I am about 2 weeks behind from posting workouts and I’ve missed seeing how my DM freinds are doing!

  2. I think I’d like to run with your son too. There’s nothing like seeing the world from a kid’s perspective. It kind of makes everything fresh and exciting again.

  3. Congrats on another great finish Tia…even if it isn’t your best…your comeback/no specific training speed is still faster than the rest of us! ha! So glad you got to go back and run with your son too! How did Abi do?

    1. Thanks!! Abi ran around a 25 something I think. Not her best but she hadn’t been training much. In the past few weeks she’s started running more. (Also started playing b-ball.)

  4. Right now I’m wondering if I should EVER attempt track work again. I think I’ll play it safe for a while yet. I’m a scaredy cat! Hope you keep making big improvements.

    1. Oh Gracie!! You will. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I completely understand your hesitation right now. Your coming off some hard times but hopefully this last surgery will be it and you will get back to good health.

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