Portfest 5K Race Report- 2014 edition

Portfest 5K Race Report- 2014 edition

In case you were wondering how it would feel to race a 5K 6 days after a marathon I will fill you in… It’s ROUGH.  So why did I do it?  This small, local race has become a little family tradition.  It’s the last Saturday in May and always offers some prize money to the overall male and female winner.  This was my third time to run Portfest and I’m pretty sure it was the hottest! 

There happened to be a few other races going on Saturday morning (including a big Grand Prix race in Little Rock) so the racing field was small with just about 75 runners and walkers.  My two older kids wanted to run in it so we all headed up to Newport Saturday morning.

By the time I warmed up and headed to the starting line the temps were in the mid 70’s with 85% humidity..  The Portfest 5K course itself is very flat and in my opinion a fast course but there is also no shade so on a bright summer day it can get a little toasty.

The Warm-up
You know how you feel the first time you run after a marathon?  Slow. Heavy. Tired.  That’s how I was feeling and for good reason.  This was the first time I had run since the marathon six days earlier.  The Poconos left me tired and SORE. 

The Race

John was standing near the start but he missed the lead runners starting.  He did get a good shot of  the kids. 🙂

Abi is center in the blue tank
Anthony is center in the blue shirt, black shorts

Mile 1- 6:01. 
For the first few minutes I was actually feeling pretty good.  I tried to convince myself that I could maintain a sub 6 minute pace.  After what seemed like forever I glanced down at my watch only to discover we had only gone a half mile.  My legs felt like I had already run 20 miles that day.  I knew this was going to be a long 5K mentally and physically.

Mile 2- 6:17.  I was slowing down big time. I was tired and it felt like I was running in a sauna.  At the turn I glanced back to see how big my lead was so I decided to scale it back and not force it.

Mile 3- 6:23.  I turned this mile into more of a tempo mile. 

Mile 3.15- 0:56 (6:20 pace).  I wish I could say I finished strong but all I can say is I finished.  The heat combined with marathon legs zapped any kick I might have had.

Official Finish Time: 19:30– 1st overall (male and female).  Official results can be found here.

(Last year a 16:20 won overall and I came in 5th with an 18:08.) 

The kids did well despite the heat and I am so proud of them.  Abi placed 1st in her age group and Anthony was 2nd in his.

I also met up with a new running client of mine- Brandi who set a 1.5 min pr.  (If she can do this on a hot day she is going to crush it when the weather is actually decent!)

All in all it was a good morning.  When we got back to Searcy we hit up our favorite post race restaurant- Chick fil-a. 

We also visited Beyond Boundaries– a new local running and outdoors store in town.  I won a gift certificate there at a race I ran in March so it was fun going on a mini shopping spree.  John, Abi and I each got a shirt.  Abi’s is my favorite.

Saturday afternoon I had planned to meet up with my college roommate who was in town for a wedding.  We met in 1997 and have been friends ever since.  It’s always good to see Brooke!

college days
May, 2014

I must admit that I’m looking forward to feeling a little more back to normal.  I think the marathon one week ago combined with summer weather have left me feeling a little tired and unmotivated.  I’m just keeping my runs easy right now and hopefully next week I can jump into some speed work.  Go! mile is coming up soon! 

Hope you are adjusting to the summer temps.  It takes some time.  Hang in there!

12 thoughts on “Portfest 5K Race Report- 2014 edition

  1. I wish I was running in the heat, but unfortunately I am injured and have to see a doc this week. Boo :(. But those temps are VERY hot for this early in the summer, yikes.

    Congratulations on the OA win… both for females and the guys. That’s still an amazing time and you did it just right, I mean you obviously won the race even if it wasn’t your best time… no need to push it for a better time, if you win you win and get the prize money, so may as well kinda save your legs. I love the shirt that your daughter got at that running store too!

    Chic-Fil-A here starts early with the ice cream- I remember going in there at breakfast one day and the person ahead of me had a cookies and cream milkshake. I don’t blame you, I’d want CFA after a race too!

    1. Oh no!! I’m sorry you are injured. I had two summers (’11 & ’12) when I was injured and it took all the fun out of 5k training and racing. I hope you get some good news when you go to the doc and you heal quickly.

  2. 6 days post-marathon and you you get first overall female AND male…not too shabby! I just stumbled upon your blog and love it. I am so impressed by you! ill certainly be continuing to read 🙂 hope you had a nice mdw!

  3. Heh, so funny how you never know how the placing is going to go, even when you are pretty sure you know how well/not well you’re going to run, because it all depends on who else shows up. Not a bad showing for 6 days post marathon!! Congrats!!

    1. Exactly!! Prize money/ placement is all relative. You just never know! My philosophy is to just go for it. I don’t want to second guess my decision or have regrets.

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