Capital City Classic 10K- Race Report

Capital City Classic 10K- Race Report

Well here we are over a week out after the Capital City 10k and I guess it’s about time I get this race recap written. I’ve actually run another race since this one- the Doc Rock and Run Half Marathon in Jonesboro, Arkansas and you better believe I will be writing about that one too.  I’ll give you a hint-it’s pretty much the exact opposite of the report you are about to read!  Let’s just say I was definitely reminded how big a role weather and race course itself play in race performance.  Not my finest hour- or hour and a half if you want to be specific!  More on that to come…

Last Saturday I ran in the Capital City Classic 10K for the 4th time.  This race is one of my favorites every year- and you know I race a lot so that is saying something!  Here are just a few of the reasons why I love this race:

  • The course is perfect- flat and fast! I’ve set a personal best time there every year I have run it.
  • It is very organized and well run. This race has been around for 30+ years and they know what they’re doing.
  • The weather- I know you can’t predict how weather will be on race morning but every time I have run this race it has been great.  (low 40’s, calm, not humid- basically perfect.)  Saturday was no exception.
  • The price-  $20.00 registration fee up until day of race.  You can’t beat that these days.  This included a gender specific dry fit shirt.  The kids 1 mile race and fun run was FREE.  This also included dry fit shirts for the kids.  So I registered myself and Abi for the 10k along with 3 kids races.  (So if you are doing the math that is $40 for 5 race entries including 5 dry fit race shirts- pretty sweet!)

We were running a little late Saturday morning.  I was hoping to leave by 6:15 and by the time we got all the kids loaded it was 6:30.  We were on the road for 3 minutes when I realized I forgot my watch.  So we turned around because I want to know my splits!  If we would have already been on the highway I guess I could have sucked it up and run by feel but we were close enough to the house so we just got it.

The only negative I have about this race is the parking.  No matter where you park to get in or out you will be on the race course and the parking is about a half mile (or more) from where you get your bib, chip and t-shirts.  I always count it as my warm-up and try to find a decent port-a-potty line somewhere along the way.  Again, I was cutting it close.  Abi and I left the port-a-potties with about 3 minutes to spare!

Abi is participating in the 100 mile cub at school again this year (they have all school year to log 100 miles) and she decided she wanted to do the 10K.  She had actually decided this last year after I ran it and she saw another girl around her age run it.  I told her if I did it next year she could too.  I paced Abi in a 10K she ran this past fall but she was going to be running this one all on her own.  She knew I would go back to find her when I was done but this was going to be all her.  She has run in several 5k’s and I had other friends out there on the course so I felt like she would do fine out there. I just warned her to go out slow and take it easy. 

This race is part of the Arkansas Grand Prix series.  There were a little over 600 runners and some pretty good competition.  Our local elite female runner was there, along with several other guys- a few I recognized from other GP races and I wanted to try to keep up with them if I could.  My big goal was to break 38 minutes if I was feeling really good but a PR would also be very acceptable.  My best time in the 10K at this point was 38:41which was from May, 2013.  My target pace range was 6:00-6:10.  If I wanted to break 38 I would definitely need to be sub 6:05.

My Strategy
I always race better when I have a game plan.  When I ran my best 10K time last year I divided the race into three parts: miles 1&2, miles 3&4 and miles 5-6.2.  This time I decided to divide my race into two 5k’s in my mind.  I would really have to be at 19:00 or sub 19 at the 5k mark to have a realistic chance of seeing a 37:xx finish time.

The Race

The first half mile- photo courtesy of Arkansas Outside

I spotted John just before the mile 1 marker

Mile 1- 6:07. Right on pace.

Mile 2- 6:05.  Feeling really good and settling into my place in the race.  I did not want anyone to pass me.  (I was passed at the end last year and gave up a little.  I wanted to stay in control this time.)

Mile 3- 6:03. Felt great and hoping I could keep it up!

5K- 18:57. Unofficial- I just glanced at my watch. I knew it was going to be close.  I really couldn’t slow down and I knew from previous years running this race that my watch measured it a little long so I would have to be ahead.

Mile 4- 6:07.  This was a hard mile mentally.  I knew I still had a ways to go. I just focused on making it to the mile 5 marker on the main road back to the finish.

Mile 5- 6:08.  I was going as fast as I could but I knew I was running out of steam.

Mile 6- 6:08.  I really wanted a lower 6 on this but it is what it is.

saw my crew just before the mile 6 marker cheering me on to the finish

Mile 6.27- 1:31 (5:40 pace).  I saw the clock change from 37 to 38.  I tried to get there in time but couldn’t make it.

photo courtesy of Arkansas Outside
photo courtesy of Arkansas Outside

Official Finish Time- 38:11 / 6:10 avg. (Garmin avg 6:05)
2nd female overall. (1st was 35:34) 
Official Results can be found here.

Post Race Thoughts
Even though I didn’t make my A goal (sub 38) I was able to PR by 30 seconds which was huge to me.  This race is actually my first PR of 2014 so I am thrilled!  I have no doubt that I WILL break 38 minutes in the 10K.  This is not over yet!

As soon as I finished I grabbed a water bottle and ran back to find Abi.  Along the way I passed several runners I knew, including Tish, Angela and Tish’s daughter.  They all ran their best 10K time.   I also saw one of my running clients- Heather who was moving! She set a 3 minute PR as well!  When I got to Abi she had about a mile to go.  She was tired and ready to be done.  She gave it all she had and finished in 54:31.  (8:48 average).  This was MUCH faster than I thought she would do it. She is 9 years old and likes to run but generally sticks to the mile and the occasional 5k so I wasn’t sure what to expect.   Abi proudly wore her new10K race shirt twice to school this last week.  She said it’s her favorite race shirt she has.  So proud of my Abi.

photo courtesy of Arkansas Outside

Then there was the kids one mile and fun run.  I think my all time favorite race picture EVER is this one of Ashton on the starting line.  He was ready to run in the 1/2 mile race.

My middle two ran in the mile race.  I love when local races have events like this for the kids.

photo courtesy of Arkansas Outside

The Kids

Please excuse Ashton- he was pretty excited about that pizza!

The Fam

couldn’t do it without my J

The Awards

photo courtesy of Nicholas Norfolk

Me with my little 10K girl!

Tish and I sporting our favorite Boston jackets

It was a great morning and race experience.  I hope to be back to this race again next year. 

Do you have a favorite local race?
How often do you race the10K?

17 thoughts on “Capital City Classic 10K- Race Report

  1. Great job!!!! I love that you make it fun for the whole family :)!!!! My kids finished a kids marathon this weekend…they have done 25 miles over the course of several months and then the race was 1.2 miles! It was a blast!!!

  2. I love your recap and this race looks so great! $20 per person with the kids events and the tech shirts is an amazing deal. All the 10Ks here are at least $30 and a tech shirt is a luxury. I think races outprice a lot of families who have multiple runners and especially kids. Plus they took great pictures at this one, all of those pictures turned out really, really nice. So proud of all your kids for participating and it’s pretty sweet your little girl has already worn her shirt to school twice.

    Congratulations on your 10K time and 2nd OA award! Even if it wasn’t sub-37, you still did great. I *hate* seeing the clock change- I raced on Saturday and hoped for below a 22 minute 5K, and I saw the clock switch to 22, bleh! Oh well, hopefully next time. I love the 10K distance and wish we had more here.

    1. Thanks Laura! Got another 10K coming up in a few weeks so I hope so! Hope you are doing well. Won’t be too much longer for you will it? 🙂

  3. Congrats lady! I hate that I had to miss that race. It was my first ever 10K last year and I was so looking forward to it again. I think miles 5 1/2 through 6 are the hardest mostly b/c of the out and back. So you’ve been there done that and are soooo close but not LOL

  4. I love reading your race reports. Huge congrats on another great race and big PR!!!! I think it is great that your entire family supports your running and wants to run as much as possible too. Your Abi is fast!!

    1. Thanks Kortni! Well, they are supportive but I’ve learned I can’t push the envelope. My son told me afterwards he was ready to not go to a race again for a few weeks. Lol!

  5. LOVE love love when races can involve kids! I think its important to create the love of fitness in kiddo’s! I have been doing some races lately with my kids (teenagers) and we always have a good time. My son & I run at about the same pace, so it’s fun to compete -friendly of course 😉 He always beats me by mere seconds because he has more kick at the end…I’m usually dying.

    Anyhow, congrats on your PR! Sounds like an awesome race!!

    1. Wow! That’s fun! I am looking forward to days when my kids run at the same pace as me. And then I’ll be trying to stay up with them!

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