Manna 5K Race Report

Manna 5K Race Report

Hello there! Yes, I’m back with not just any race report but another 5k race report…. or two…I promise I have not gone crazy- but I’ll admit that I may have run one too many 5k’s lately.

I will start with my Saturday morning race- the Manna 5K.  This was the second year for this race event in my town but my first time to participate.  It was hosted by the members of the Cloverdale church of Christ and 100% of all race proceeds went to building a school in the Dominican Republic.  It’s no secret that I like to participate in local races whenever I can because I usually know the organization or cause the race funds are going to and I love being a part of our local running community.  My kids participate in many of the local race events as well making it a family outing.  Abi wanted to run in the Manna 5K that morning too so I registered both of us earlier in the week.

The Manna 5K course is a fairly flat, fast course.  It happened to be a bit windy Saturday morning (15 mph winds) which is not ideal but at least the course changed direction a few times so it wasn’t all against the wind. 

The Start:
This race actually started on the track which was a first for me.  Then we headed out on the Harding campus.

I’m 93 in black and my Abi is 94 in hot pink on far left (photo credit- Hannah Williams)
(photo credit- Hannah Williams)
Existing the track at the start (photo credit- Hannah Williams)

My race goal was to keep my pace in the low 5:50’s but in the wind I quickly realized I’d just do the best I could.  A 5K is such a short race (for a distance runner) that you don’t have a lot of time to think and analyze mid-race about pace/ strategy.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of strategy in a racing a 5K but I think you have to be prepared ahead of time.  You just don’t have a lot of time to think about what to do next.

Mile 1- 5:55. After the first half mile I found myself alone and it stayed that way the rest of the race.  There were little pockets of people cheering on the sidelines here and there but that was it. 

Mile 2- 5:57.

(photo credit- Hannah Williams)

Mile 3- 6:03.  I knew I was slowing down but I was tired of fighting the wind and ready to be done.

Mile 3.11- 0:35 (5:31 avg. pace)

(photo credit- Hannah Williams)

Unofficial Finish Time: 18:29.

After the race I ran back to find Abi who was doing well but getting tired.  I jogged the last half mile with her and she finished in 26-something. (???)  Official times are not posted yet.  There were not any age group awards for this race so I was very surprised when the RD came up to me and handed me a $100 gift certificate to Beyond Boundaries (a local outdoor/ running store in town).  Very cool! This year they were giving awards to the top three overall so I was pleasantly surprised.

Abi and I with our friends- another mother/daughter duo (Annie and Kerri)

Since there were no age group awards J took the kids home and I ran a few more easy cool-down miles with a friend who had also run in the race.  I finished the morning with 10.5 miles which included a 5K and I thought I was done for the day.  Little did I know what was in store just a few hours later…

The Harding University Bison Invitational Track 5K Race Report coming soon…

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