The River Trail 15K Race Report- the 2014 edition

The River Trail 15K Race Report- the 2014 edition

I’m going to try to keep this brief.  Saturday was not a great racing day for me.  I know everyone has races like this every once in a while.  And yes, I know I race often so I can’t expect them all to be perfect.  I really don’t have an excuse to what was my deal.  Bottom line: I didn’t show up to race. 

Before I get into my own issues with the race let me say that this is a very well run and organized race.  I like the 15K because it combines the perfect amount of speed and distance.  The River Trail 15K course is beautiful and the 9 am start time is perfect at this time of year.  I also love the price- $15?! You really can’t beat that these days. I have run this race twice before and loved it.  And I will continue to keep it on my racing calendar.

Before the race I met up with some new local “teammates.”  I am running in the Arkansas Grand Prix series this year and joined the Cabot Cruisers.  They were all very kind and encouraging before, during and after the race.  I’m looking forward to running in the ARGP series this year with them.

Photo courtesy of Jt Gunter

And now for my report… To be honest I was going to re-write this but I think I summed it up enough in my Daily Mile account. 

It was not my best performance by a long shot. I lost focus around mile 4 and never could get back on track. I realized quickly my A goal (sub 6:20 pace) was not going to happen and then I thought I would at least try to PR from last year. During the last 5K I probably spent more time trying to do mental math than actually focusing on my pace which didn’t help anything. I was hoping I would make the sub 60 club (like last year) but I missed it by 5 seconds. When I crossed the line I was very frustrated at myself and my “whatever” attitude during the race. I don’t know what happened to me but I did NOT run to my potential. I guess I’m just mad because I know I’m a better runner and competitor than I was today. There were a few positives about today (healthy- my foot felt great and has felt 100% for 1 week now) so I will try to think about them as well.
Anyway, it’s over so I am happy to move on!

Mile splits for anyone interested: *Keep in mind my (apparently too ambitious) goal was sub 6:20 pace.
Mi 1- 6:13
Mi 2- 6:22
Mi 3- 6:23
Mi 4- 6:29
Mi 5- 6:35
Mi 6- 6:28
Mi 7- 6:22
Mi 8- 6:29
Mi 9- 6:25
Mi. 9.38- 2:16 (5:57 avg)

FINISH TIME: 1:00:04.  (2nd female overall)

Official results can be found here.

Last year’s better performance with a finish time of 59:49 can be found here

I know my time was only 15 seconds slower this year but I am a better runner than I was last year.  The half marathon I ran 7 weeks ago was at a faster pace than this almost 4 mile shorter race!  Last year I finished strong.  This year I finished angry.  Anyway, it’s over and I’m going to move on. 

“The Cup” is pretty cool.
The whole gang from Searcy.  Thanks for driving Angela!

That’s a wrap! Next race I am showing up to race.

Anyone else race this weekend? Several of my running friends here ran (New Orleans Half & Full, Texas Half) and most of them PR’d.  I’m excited for them.  Apparently they are all great courses too.

6 thoughts on “The River Trail 15K Race Report- the 2014 edition

  1. But you still did fantastic. I started to totally lose focus after passing the skate park. I assumed the downhills would just be amazing, and they weren’t LOL. I mean, better than going up of course. And the humidity was not my friend. Be proud lady – you are such an inspiring runner!

  2. A great time still (one I would kill for!), but I definitely understand the frustration of bad races. My last race a few weeks ago was rough, It was a little over a 10k distance and I barely maintained my marathon pace. It was just awful. It happens, but at least we got our bad races out of the way early this year right? LOL lets hope!

  3. It’s got to happen every so often – a race that gives you a bit of a kick up the backside. I like your attitude though. It’s over and you’re going to move on.

  4. well I still think you are pretty amazing! I think you race consistently well better than most people! sorry it was disapointing though, thats a bummer. Onward and upward my friend! next race you will make up for it, I just know it! xxx

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