Cue the Rocky Music!

Cue the Rocky Music!

Welcome to a newer looking Arkansas Runner Mom blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ I decided to update some pictures on the cover and thought I’d spruce up the color while I was at it.  I needed to change a few things around after the mini slump I was in.

After my not so great race performance last weekend I felt like my body was fighting off a cold.  I took every precaution I could but Wednesday night I found myself not feeling well and I woke up Thursday feeling awful.  I went to the doctor and started on some meds which really helped.  By Saturday I was feeling almost back to normal. 

I only took three days off running but it felt so much longer than that.  I spent most of the time in bed sleeping/ resting/ watching some Downton Abbey and Parenthood.  My husband and in-laws helped out with the kids which was a huge help.  I know I needed the time off to recover but it felt so good getting back into my routine yesterday.  One of the things I thought about while I was laying low was about regaining my focus and drive.  It’s been six weeks now since the 3 Bridges Marathon and as wonderful as that was it’s time for me to move on and look ahead towards some new goals.  I had spent so much time focused on a sub 3 that when it happened everything in my running world seemed to stop.  Have you ever had a milestone race/ event like that?  Don’t get me wrong- I know I needed the rest, the recovery, and the downtime.  I did- and I enjoyed it.  Once you accomplish something big you’ve been working on for months/ years you should reward yourself for your hard work.  The truth of that matter is I’ve just had a hard time transitioning back into training.

One of the biggest factors that has helped me improve my times over the past two years is being motivated.  Motivation helps me put in the training I need and perform to the best of my ability in racing situations.  Last week’s 15K showed me I was missing something.  As I look ahead on my busy spring racing calendar I know I need to get motivated.  As cheesy as this sounds in my mind I know it’s time to cue the Rocky music!  It’s time to get moving!

Definitely one of my favorite training scenes…

I’m actually planning three spring half marathons (and one late spring marathon) so it’s time to get focused.   Yesterday marked 3 weeks until the Little Rock Half Marathon.  I have run the Little Rock Marathon the last two years but decided months ago to do the half this year.  It was a tough call because as challenging as the full course is I still love doing it.  But I really like the half as well and because of some other racing I hope to do this spring I thought doing the half might be a better fit.

Little Rock Half Marathon- March 2

Two weeks after the LRHM I am registered for the Germantown Half Marathon, outside of Memphis, TN.  I have never run this race before but that I think that is because I am usually still sore/ recovering from the Little Rock Marathon. 

Germantown Half Marathon- March 16

I am also hoping to run a half marathon at the end of April but both of the ones I am looking into are on the same day.  There are advantages to both and I guess I’m leaning towards the Nashville mainly because my sister Toni lives there (and I’d LOVE to see her), plus I’m already registered for this race.  (Race was free since it was a St. Jude Marathon replacement race.) The one negative- everyone I know who has run this race always tells me how hilly/ challenging the course is. 

St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, TN- April 26

Then there’s the other race- the Wickedly Fast Half in Olathe, Kansas.  Any race that has the word “fast” in it is very tempting.  Especially when it involves characters from one of our families favorite movies and musicals. And if I race this one yes, I will be dressed up and yes, I will still be racing.

Wickedly Fast Half Marathon in Olathe, KS- April 26

This logo is from 2011 but isn’t it too cute?!

My big spring marathon is different this year.  I am planning to meet up with my sister Tricky again in PA for some more marathon magic! We had a family reunion in the Poconos last summer and I heard about this race.  It sounded like a good one and I even convinced my sister to join me again! 

Pocono Marathon in Stroudsburg, PA- May 18
Tricky and I after the D & L Marathon- November 2012

Of course I’m hoping to do a few 5 and 10k’s as well but I don’t have any lined up for several weeks.  It’s definitely time to get training!

Anyone run any of these races?  The only one I have done was the LRM Half so I’m looking forward to some new scenery this spring! ๐Ÿ™‚

16 thoughts on “Cue the Rocky Music!

  1. I totally get what you mean about reaching your goal – what next? A few years back all I wanted to do was run sub 1:45 for a half and a managed that with a 1:42. But as exciting as that was there was that un-anchored feeling because that goal I’d been chasing for so long was gone.

  2. All the races sound great!

    What’s your favorite half marathon in Arkansas? My good friend is trying to run a half marathon in every state. She has yet to race in Arkansas. I tag along with her on several of the races.

    1. Well, the best course (flat and fast) I have done in AR is the CASA Half Marathon in December (2nd weekend usually). It’s not a very big race though so if she likes crowd support/ scenery this is not the one to do. The Little Rock Half (Mar.) is pretty good. I like it more than the Soaring Wings (Oct.) and Heart & Sole (September). There are a few others but these are just the ones I’ve done.

  3. I heard that the Poconos race is like, the top BQ race or something? It’s supposed to be a really fast race. So I expect you to smoke it. Or win it ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I like your new look!

    1. Yes, the elevation chart looks AMAZING! I love downhill races though and don’t get to run too many of them. I am just willing to fly to PA to do it!

  4. I have a group of friends that goes and does Poconos every year, they love it! I haven’t done it but maybe one of these years!

    Love the new look of the blog too! Glad that you are feeling better!

  5. Well, shoot. I thought I might get to meet you when I read marathon in PA, but then I saw which marathon. I’m running the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 4. I say go for the Nashville 1/2. I have a friend that has run the full a couple of times and thought it was great. The hills will be a good marathon training run!

    1. Awww- so close!! Let me know how that one goes. I have family in PA so maybe I’ll put that on my radar. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are probably right about Nashville being good for me training-wise. I’m leaning that way right now.

  6. You will love the Germantown Half! It is a really great course, there is only one slight hill and then the rest is pretty flat! Wish I was running it again, this will the first time I have missed it in 4 years!

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