Month: February 2014

Penguin 10K- Race Report

On Thursday night one of my running clients mentioned she wanted to add on a last minute 10K to her schedule since it fit in well with her training plan.  Since I am all about throwing in races in training it actually got me thinking that maybe this wouldn’t be a bad idea for me either.  The race was about

A Few Questions Answered

Hello there! In the last few weeks I’ve had several emails and Facebook messages with running related questions so I thought I would answer some of these here.  Most of them have been asked on more than one occasion and in the almost 5 years I’ve kept this running blog I’ve never had a post dedicated to answering questions so

Cue the Rocky Music!

Welcome to a newer looking Arkansas Runner Mom blog. 🙂 I decided to update some pictures on the cover and thought I’d spruce up the color while I was at it.  I needed to change a few things around after the mini slump I was in. After my not so great race performance last weekend I felt like my body

The River Trail 15K Race Report- the 2014 edition

I’m going to try to keep this brief.  Saturday was not a great racing day for me.  I know everyone has races like this every once in a while.  And yes, I know I race often so I can’t expect them all to be perfect.  I really don’t have an excuse to what was my deal.  Bottom line: I didn’t